Hello... or should we say "hola"? Our first stop in Europe this year was Barcelona! We were so excited to finally visit Spain as it had been on our list for quite a while. We stayed in Costa Brava and we took a train to Barcelona for a few day trips. We absolutely loved Barcelona and are finally sharing our adventures with you all! Here's a look at what we did + our video travel diary!


La Sagrada Familia // You must see this if you travel to Barcelona! The building itself is stunning and if you aren't afraid of heights, you can go up to the top and observe all of Barcelona from up high! A little tip if you are looking for a good photo - op: there is a lake near the building where you can go to get the best angles of the building. Also, make sure you wear modest clothes (no tank tops).  If not, you will end up having to purchase a t-shirt or scarf to cover your shoulders before entering! We ended up with lovely Barcelona shirts since we were wearing tank tops 😂.

Xurerria Sagrada Familia // Of course we had to include a good place for the foodies out there! Churros are extremely popular in Spain and so so delicious! This particular "Xurerria" is highly praised and a great place to get a treat after visiting La Sagrada Familia! We can vouch for this place - the churros are insanely good (and huge!).

Park Güell // This famous park is so beautiful with so many amazing features. It is composed of beautiful architecture in the style of Gaudi and gorgeous gardens! There is so much color in this park!

Casa Batllo and Casa Mila // Both of these "houses" are absolutely stunning! They are built in the style of Antonio Gaudi (as is most of Barcelona) and Casa Mila looks "wavy". We did not go inside but we definitely recommend stopping to admire these two houses as you are wondering around Barcelona!

La Boqueria // This was one of our favorite places in Barcelona! La Boqueria is a huge public market situated in the Cuidad Vieja district of Barcelona and has so many different food options! We got fresh squeezed juices there but there are endless food options. You'll see in our video travel diary that the market is full of color with so much fresh fruit and yummy treats!

Las Ramblas // This pedestrian friendly street is bustling day and night as it is situated right in the center of Barcelona! As much as we love sightseeing, some of our best memories from traveling come from simply walking around. We try to immerse ourselves into the culture as much as possible and this street is definitely a hit for both tourists and locals.

We hope you enjoyed this travel diary - we already miss Barcelona! We will have our Costa Brava, Spain and Bulgaria travel diaries up soon but until then, we hope you all have a great day!



Hello everyone! Summer is just about halfway over and temperatures are at an all time high. We LOVE getting a good tan on, so we spend quite a bit of quality time by the pool. Unfortunately though, too much sun exposure can make our skin very dry. We have been taking full advantage of pool days, and we also went to the beach twice this summer, and although we have been blessed with an olive skin tone that never burns, we did start peeling a little after our vacations, which is never pleasant. To keep our skin healthy and moisturized, we have tried endless amount of moisturizers and creams but what we often find is that some of the moisturizers are too heavy and make our skin feel too greasy. We finally found the cutest little set that is perfect for giving our skin the moisture it needs and keep us smelling good all summer, even in this crazy heat, so we felt we had to share with you guys! This Clinique Happy Treats set includes a body cream, hand cream, and a perfume spray. All the products in this trio have a refreshing and light scent which is exactly what we need for summer!  We have the individual products linked below, so feel free to check them out if you are looking for a way to keep your skin soft and smelling good this summer! 



Kalina Popova in yellow swimwear

Greetings from Europe! Kalina here today! We have been traveling around Europe for the past month and have been having so much fun! I recently wore this yellow swimsuit that I have been obsessed with in Costa Brava, Spain and received quite a few compliments (thank goodness I took many years of Spanish in high school so I knew what the Spanish locals were saying to me!). Yellow is such a popular color right now that I thought I would hop on the train. I love the fit of this swimsuit and since it can be worn strapless, it is perfect for my ladies who want to minimize tan lines. The swimsuit is from Zaful and comes at an extremely affordable price but I have linked similar options of different styles and price ranges. To be honest, I needed a new swimsuit last minute so I ordered it not knowing the quality or fit but I was pleasantly surprised. For such a great price, the quality is pretty good. I received a medium (I am usually a small or XS) but it fit like a glove. I definitely recommend sizing up if you are ordering from Zaful!

As for what I did in Costa Brava? Ivana and I have a full travel diary coming soon but I can assure you I enjoyed tanning at the rooftop pool! If you have been to Europe during the summer you probably know that the heat does not hit until a little later (usually late June or early July) so it was not incredibly hot. That being said, the sun was still quite strong and since the temperatures were in the 70's, laying out was extremely relaxing. I could not have asked for a better trip and a travel diary will be on the blog very soon!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy soaking up the sun, wherever you are in the world!





Hello everyone! We have been quite busy these last few months trying to finish up our last semester of high school and did not have the time to create as much content as we would have liked. We've had to dedicate quite a bit of time trying to finish up some high school and college classes we are taking and getting ready for graduation, but we are back now and ready to update you! These last few months have been a whirlwind, but have been full of some incredible moments we thought we would share.


First up: Prom. A night to remember. Senior Prom was on April 28th and was nothing short of an amazing experience. I wore a white dress, with pearls on the top, from Lulu's and I loved it! My prom group took pictures at the Nelson Atkins Museum downtown, which is a popular picture spot for those in Kansas City! We then drove around in a party bus to dinner at Brio- an Italian restaurant, the prom dance, and our afterparty. Our party theme was "Jungle," so I had to pull out the cheetah print for this one! And a special thank you to my boyfriend for being the best date! -Ivana

Lulu's Blair White Strapless dress is linked here


The end of Senior year is famously known as "Grad Party Season" and for good reason. We have been busy every day of the past few few weekends hopping from one graduation party to the next. They're a fun way to celebrate surviving high school, with lots of good food and friends. Though we are not having one, we are enjoying attending one's all of our friends are hosting! Since everyone always dresses up for these parties, we will be posting some grad party looks on the blog very soon!

Kalina Popova -

and finally...GRADUATION!!! This deserves its own post, so watch out for that one next!

Thank you to everyone for reading about our lives, though we may not be the most consistent! We have some very exciting blog posts coming up this summer with all our free time (including our travels which we are super excited to share!) so stay tuned. 



Hello hello! We hope you are all having an amazing day! It's been a while since our last post and we apologize. Life has been hectic for both of us lately but we are finally getting back on track. Before we get into this travel guide, we want to thank all the brands and readers who sent us birthday wishes on March 20th! We are so blessed to be able to connect with our readers and work with amazing brands!

We traveled to Dubai for a week and had an unforgettable trip. We have traveled around to so many different countries (read our travel diaries here) but Dubai was extremely different from anywhere we have previously traveled. We are not kidding when we say we felt like we were walking around Oz half the time that's how magical it was. Today, we are sharing some things you should be sure to do if you find yourself in this beautiful place!

Dubai Travel Guide -

Dubai Travel Guide -

Dubai Travel Guide -

Dubai Travel Guide -

Dubai Travel Guide -


Watch the Dubai Fountain Show at the Burj Khalifa 

Pay a visit to Burj Al Arab (this is the best photo - op!)

Stroll around the Miracle Gardens

Visit the Dubai Mall

Walk around the affluent Dubai Marina area

Admire the beautiful architecture of the Grand Mosque

Relax on Jumeirah Beach

Take a boat around the Palm Islands

We could not have imagined a better trip! We know you all have been missing our travel diaries and those will be back this summer as we are headed to Europe! We will be visiting our family in Bulgaria as always and then going to either Spain or Greece and Turkey! Have a great night lovelies xx



It's around this time of January where some are working hard on their New Year's Resolutions, while some have given up. Personally, I don't make New Year's resolutions because I believe change can start anytime, not just at the beginning of the year. That being said, the Holidays were definitely a time of indulgence and I do try and stay healthy. So today, I am sharing some tips on how to not only get healthy, but stay that way. *Thank you to LNDR for sponsoring this post

Kalina Popova -

Get Enough Sleep

Drink More Water

Eat A Good Breakfast Every Single Morning

Make Exercise Part Of Your Day (even if you don't have time to go to the gym)

Incorporate Health Foods Into Every Meal

Walk As Much As Possible Throughout The Day

Get Regular Check-Ups

I hope you sound some inspiration from these tips! Leave me a comment and let me know how you stay healthy during the year. Have a great rest of the week! 

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Well, 2017 is almost at its end and yet another year of our lives has gone by. It's interesting because on one hand, the year dragged on but on the other hand, the year flew by. Funny how life works. 2017 was filled with so many memories and new experiences for us and today, we are sharing a few highlights from the year.

Mexico // March 2017
Kalina Popova -

Riviera Maya, Mexico -

We have been to Mexico five times now and we absolutely love it! It is our go to vacation spot during the Spring. This year we stayed in the Grand Bahia Resort in Riviera Maya for the second time. Read our full Mexico Travel Diary here.

London // May 2017
In May of this year, we traveled to London, England. Looking back now, we miss this city so so much. We were extremely excited to visit London and had a full agenda for our week-long trip. Trust us when we say there honestly is no experience that can compare to visiting a European city. We got to see Buckingham and Kensington Palace, we walked around Hyde Park, rode the London Eye, ate some of the best Indian food, and made so many more memories around the city. Watch our London Travel here.

Bulgaria // May - June 2017
Kalina Popova -
After our trip to London, we went back to our home country of Bulgaria. We didn't go back last year, so we were extremely excited to see our family again (it's not easy living so far away). We were born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria where most of our family currently resides. We spent a few weeks there before spending some quality time in one of Bulgaria's beach town's, Sozopol. There is something so magical about the bright blue waters in Bulgaria and the beach is the perfect place for a summer escape. Read our Sozopol Travel Diary here and watch our video.

Applying To College
Like we've mentioned in our previous couple of posts, we spent our first semester of our senior year in high school applying to colleges and figuring out where we will be attending next Fall. We finally made our decisions but not with complete ease. There are so many factors to think about when choosing a school so we were both pretty busy with figuring out all of the logistics.

Celebrating Good Times
The Holidays are always so much fun! We had a blast ringing in the New Year (so weird to write that as we are coming close to ringing in 2018!), we celebrated our 17th birthday in Mexico, celebrated a slew of other family birthdays and spent our second year in America for the 4th of July. Then we welcomed the beginning of the Holiday season. We spent Thanksgiving with family friends eating lots of good food and just celebrated Christmas, where we ate our weight in Christmas cookies. Since our family hails from Bulgaria, we have many holiday traditions including a special Christmas Eve dinner and a fun game we play where we guess our presents on Christmas morning. We would love to know your holiday traditions so leave us a comment below!

Other Notable Events
Over the summer, we got an invitation to become brand ambassadors for a Los Angeles based jewelry brand called Ettika. Naturally we were extremely excited and can't wait to continue working with them in 2018. We get so many opportunities but we only ever accept offers to work with brands we truly love. We also got the opportunity to work with many other amazing brands throughout the year and look forward to doing so in 2018 as well! 

Aside from all that, we were so excited to get invited to New York Fashion Week this year! Unfortunately, we couldn't attend but even the thought was more than we ever imagined for ourselves at age 17. We do hope to one day attend NYFW as well as other Fashion Week's around the world!

Last but not least, we began our YouTube channel this year, which we hope to create more content for in 2018. So far, it has been an amazing platform for us to share our travels through video but we hope to expand into a Fashion / Lifestyle / Travel channel, just like our blog!

Thank you all for your continuous support. We can't thank you enough. We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and we look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for us!


Ivana & Kalina


Hey everyone! Many of you left positive feedback on our last life update post so we thought we'd share some more info with you all! For those of you who don't know, we are both headed to college next year. Today, we're sharing what colleges we will be attending and our future plans!

We Are Headed To... -

I will be attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) next year and I could not be more excited! I will be majoring in Public Relations and probably minoring in Communications, although I wish Graphic Design was a minor. I hope to get a job in the PR field after graduation but would love to be a Creative Director one day. I plan on being an involved college student, going to football games to cheer on the Huskers, and going through sorority recruitment. During my sophomore or junior year, I plan on studying abroad in Australia and maybe even one day interning there (a girl can dream haha). I still plan on traveling as much as possible and contuining to pursue my passion for content creation. I can't wait to meet new people next year and see all Lincoln has to offer!

I will be attending the University of Kansas and plan on majoring in Business with a minor in Strategic Communications. I'm also planning on going through sorority recruitment and hopefully becoming a part of greek life! I am excited to be cheering on the Jayhawks, especially during basketball season. I don't know where life will take me yet, but I know I want to continue traveling, pursuing my passion for fashion, and doing other things.

Before we sign off, we want to mention that since we will be going our separate ways, some things may change on the blog. Not drastically by any means, but we will be posting separately most of the time. We hope that you as our readers will enjoy two perspectives on college life in different cities as well as exciting fashion and travel content as well. We felt like we needed to write this post also to explain why we haven't been super active lately. The truth is, we are both trying to figure out our lives for next year, taking numerous college classes in and out of school, and finishing things up before packing up our lives next year. We just finished our Fall semester and anticipate that we will not only have more blog content up now, but video content on our YouTube channel as well. We created our YouTube channel to share our travels as well as lifestyle content but more than anything else to showcase our personalities. We've had several people reach out wanting a more behind-the-scenes look on our lives and we definitely want to connect with our readers and others on a new platform as well.


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Gift Guide For The Homebody -
We're halfway to the weekend, everyone and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We are so excited to share our first gift guide of the year. Everyone has that one friend or family member that couldn't think of a better night than one spent relaxing at home. Well, this is the gift guide for them!

Berkshire VelvetLoft Frosted Blanket // These blankets are seriously so cozy! We have a couple of similar ones and love them. So perfect for cold winter nights!

Voluspa Candle // Candles make such great holiday gifts, especially for people who love staying home! Voluspa makes candles that are more luxurious than typical candles and make great gifts. When it starts getting colder, we are guaranteed  to be burning a candle at all times and there's nothing better than a wonderful aroma in a home!

Floral Kimono Robe // A great robe is truly an essential for the homebody. Kimono robes are so beautiful and easy to throw on! The floral print on this robe is so feminine and the perfect way to lounge in style!

Hot Stuff Mug // Okay how cute is this mug?! We have been obsessed with mugs that have little sayings or phrases on them and they are a perfect gift idea for someone who loves being cozied up with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. You can even put a hot cocoa mix kit in the cup before wrapping it up!

Pure Silk Sleep Mask // Beauty sleep is important even if you are not going out. Silk sleep masks are the best because they are so soothing for the eyes and this color is gorgeous!

Agate Phone Case // Let's be honest - it's so easy to be on your phone all day everyday - sometimes we wonder where the day went haha. This gift is perfect for the homebody and people with a busy lifestyle alike because if you're using your phone 24/7, you might as well use it in style, right?

Rosé All Day Slippers // These slippers are seriously the cutest! A cozy pair of slippers is essential for the cold winter months. Slippers with cute phrases make the perfect holiday gift because they can be personalized to fit any person!

Faux Fur Throw Pillow // Decorative throw pillows add the perfect touch to couches and beds. It's so fun to decorate around the house and be able to switch out throw pillows to match the season or a new aesthetic for the home! This teal throw pillow adds a great pop of color as well!

That's it for this gift guide! What gift guides do you want to see next? Leave us a comment below or send us an email with your ideas! Also - if you aren't subscribed to our YouTube channel already, be sure to do that now because we are planning some exciting videos as well as holiday content over on there! Till next time...