Introducing "Simply Semisweet"

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog. On this blog we will write about a variety of different topics (i.e. fashion, food, lifestyle, inspiration, and daily life). We thought it would be appropriate to share some information about ourselves in our first blog post. 
  • Our names are Ivana & Kalina and wait for it... we are TWINS! We were born into the world and have been inseparable ever since. There's nothing better than living with your best friend. We work well together and read each others minds quite frequently (yes, it's a little bit scary) which will make sharing this blog a wonderful and interesting experience. 
  • We were born out of the country which some may argue makes us foreigners. That however, is not quite the case. We moved to America when we were two months old and have lived in the US ever since. We go back to visit our birthplace, Bulgaria, every summer for two months. Oh and we speak fluent Bulgarian.
  • As twins, we are fortunate enough to share the same hobbies and passions. We enjoy music, singing, acting, writing, baking, traveling, and inspiring others. We hope to share some the things we are passionate about on this blog! 
  • We live in the state most commonly associated with The Wizard of Oz. Yes, that's right, there's no place like home. Although Kansas may be considered boring to some, growing up here has had its advantages. Kansas holds a certain charm that is often overlooked.
These are just a few facts about us that we hope has provided you with a little bit of insight to who we are. Now, you are probably wondering what to expect from this blog. We will be blogging mainly about lifestyle, fashion, traveling, recipes, and various forms of inspiration. We cannot wait to start our journey with Simply Semisweet! Stay tuned to find out why we named our blog the way we did and the inspiration behind it! Until then, have an amazing day!


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