Travel Diaries // Bruges, Belgium

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Everyone! We have decided to start a "series" that will document the places we travel to and visit. We consider ourselves very lucky to get to travel so much and explore new, exciting places. Read more if you want to join us on our journeys!
First up we have Bruges, Belgium. This lovely city has an impressive charm quality which is achieved by the amazing architecture, little shops, and many other attractions. This city truly looks like the backdrop of a fairytale.

Of course you can't go to Belgium and not try the famous Belgian chocolates. If you don't try Belgian chocolate in Belgium then did you really even go? We are huge fans of chocolate everything so you can only imagine how happy we were to be eating chocolate all day. We went to a chocolate museum close to downtown Bruges called Choco-Story. This museum offered the rich history of chocolate and a chocolate demonstration of Belgium's finest chocolate.

Belgium is also famous for their waffles. Have you ever heard of Belgian waffles? After spending some time hunting for the perfect Belgian waffles, we finally hit the jackpot. We ordered the waffles with toppings of chocolate as well as whipped cream with a chocolate drizzle. We must say that the waffles are definitely worth the hype. The actual waffle is sugar coated, making it crispy and delicious! You can also get an assortment of different toppings. We had high expectations for these famous waffles and they did not disappoint. We sat down in the center of Bruges to enjoy our treat as well as the magnificent view.

Aside from the amazing food in Bruge, there is a lot of exploring that can be done in the small town. We went on a boat tour, which we highly recommend. It takes you through the canals of Bruges and you get the most amazing view! It is also enchanting just walking around the streets of this town. Like we mentioned, European architecture is really unique and old, which makes it even more appealing. History lies in every corner and street of this town. One of our favorite places we visited was Town Square. The hustle and bustle of the tourists there gives you extra energy and improves your mood! Also, definitely find a good European cafe to sit down and take in the sights

So here is our trip to Belgium in review! We hoped you enjoyed the pictures and details on our lovely trip to Bruges. Traveling is something that we have always enjoyed and we are extremely lucky to get the opportunity to travel as often as we do. Summer isn't over just yet so stay tuned for more in our Travel Diaries series. Have an amazing day!

Kalina & Ivana

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