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Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey everyone! We started our Travel Diaries series to document all the trips we go on because it is safe to say we are avid travelers. We have been blessed with the opportunity to get to explore many beautiful places, and we continue to travel and see even more places around the world. We have done a lot of traveling this summer (some of which we have yet to share with you) and marked a few places off our bucket lists! We just traveled to Greece and marked it off of our bucket list, so we had to share this experience with you guys!

We visited a cute village called Stavros, Greece. Unfortunately, this is the only place we got to thoroughly explore in Greece as we were short on time, but we still enjoyed every minute of it! The town was mainly made for tourists and vacationers looking to spend some sunny and relaxing days at the beach and wander around a typical Greek village. There were people from all nationalities vacationing in Stavros, and we heard many different languages being spoken. It is always interesting for both of us to be a part of such an international mix of people. Fortunately we are fluent in both English and Bulgarian and got around just fine! We also realized how much we are looking forward to "Greek life" in college when we had no trouble reading most of the Greek letters on signs. Of course, there's always the situation where cute boys try and talk to you but complications arise when you can't seem to find a common language between the two of you, but those are minor details.  


We report with great enthusiasm that the beaches in Greece did not disappoint! The water was a beautiful blue with minimal waves, and pretty rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors instead of seashells. The water also sparkled like you wouldn't believe. The pictures up above should give you guys an idea of just how magical it was. Furthermore, the sand was fine and super soft beneath our feet making the beach even more enjoyable. Did we mention the water was pleasantly warm? We swam at least a kilometer into the sea without getting cold! The view was also one for the books! We are certain there are even prettier places in Greece, but this beach still had an amazing view. Looking to our left and right side we saw mountains with beautiful, green forestation. Up ahead in the ocean was a dock where fishermen park their small boats and fish all day. Also, the endless outstretch of the sea made it seem never-ending. It truly was breathtaking and something you'd have to see to believe. 

Gyros in Stavros, Greece
Of course, what's a trip to a new place without trying their famous cuisine and popular treats? Greece is very famous for their Gyros-which we obviously sat down and tried- and we give them our approval. They were very delicious! A Gyro is a Greek dish made with meat that is roasted on a vertical spit and is served in pita bread with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce, and other condiments. We asked for Gyros with chicken, since we are not fans of other types of meat. We also asked them to hold the onions, but we are sure they would be good with onions included as well. The overall combination of all ingredients made for a  mouth-watering meal. They also usually put french fries on top. We took them off, since we don't like french fries, but we still give the Gyros a 10/10! We also ate some Baklava for dessert. Baklava has been one of our favorite desserts since we were young since it is a traditional dessert in Bulgaria as well, but Greek Baklava is by far our favorite kind. We also ate some really yummy white lemon gelato (which is not exactly Greek, but still amazing just the same.) 

So now, we wave goodbye to this lovely trip. We were both very impressed with the beauty Greece had to offer! Also, even with the current situation in Greece, all the personnel still managed to be upbeat and happy, which impressed us even more. Everyone was very hospitable and welcoming, looking to cater to our needs as best as they could. It was an unforgettable experience filled with many laughs and wonderful memories. 

Bye Greece! "Sea" you later! Please laugh at our pun. Okay, thanks.

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  1. It is so cool that you girls get to travel! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, loved it!



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