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Monday, August 31, 2015

Since August is coming to an end and the school year is now fully in swing for most students, we figured that it wouldn't hurt to tell you about the some of our recent discoveries! We hope to make Notable Discoveries a series where we round up our favorites, obsessions, and anything that is currently on our radar each month. Today, we have our Notable Discoveries for the month of August!

We just recently discovered this blog and we absolutely LOVE it! We love anything and everything inspirational and positive. Trying to stay positive is key to leading a mentally happy and mentally healthy life! This blog even offers courses on things like self-esteem, social skills, and more!

We can't tell you how many bags of these delicious cashews our family has in our pantry at the moment. We have a slight (or maybe not so slight) addiction with these amazing flavored cashews. We get them from Costco so if you have one in your area, be sure to go check out these yummy cashews!

From tips to stories, Huff Post Teen has it all lined up. This website truly has something for everybody. As we were scrolling through the website, we found many articles that caught our eye. Anything from celebrities, to organization can be found here. 

Especially with the start of the school year, many people tend to look on the negative side of everything. "Why do I have this test tomorrow?" or "Why don't I understand anything?" are constant thoughts that have been racking our brains recently. So here are some positive reminders that will help you (hopefully) no matter what state you're in currently!

Laurie Halse Anderson // Author of Speak and Winter Girls

A friend recommended this author to us since we have a major interest in psychology and really deep books. We instantly fell in love with this author and her books! We recommend this author to anybody who loves reading about teen struggles with very relevant problems that are found in society today.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This lovely product has saved our hair on our numerous bad hair days. Dry shampoo is perfect for people who don't like washing their hair everyday. It is best not to wash your hair everyday in order to keep it healthy, but you don't want greasy hair, do you? That is where dry shampoo comes in handy. It definitely gives your hair a burst of freshness and it eliminates some of the grease as well.

Do you have any recent Notable Discoveries?

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Agenda Organization // Lifestyle Tips

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's no secret that many female students opt to use an agenda for school and activity planning purposes. To be honest, we definitely love our agendas. And what's not to love? As students, remembering homework assignments, tests, and activity meetings is quite a hard task to do without an agenda to help you get the dates & times straight. Good news! There any many (and we mean many) different types of agendas available that you are sure to find one that you can work with, should you be looking for one. This year, we are using one of the Mead Weekly/Monthly Planners.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Typically, we write our homework in the writing space allotted for each day. On the weekends, or even when we have room left on a school day, we write down important events, or memories from the day. This way, we can keep our agendas as "mini diaries" throughout the years (you never know, you may just get super bored one day later down the road and decide to read your old agendas). 

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

For us, the calendar portion of the agenda serves as a way to mark down any super important events (i.e. birthdays, holiday breaks, important events, etc.). There is also a little note space on the side of our agendas so we can write down any notes we may have that don't fit in the tiny squares.

Overall, we enjoy using our agendas to note our day to day events. We do however feel like there are better options for agendas, especially for students, out there. We would recommend this Kate Spade one or these from Lily Pulitzer but those are pricey options so the ones that we got are definitely a good cheaper option. There are many other cheap, handy options for agendas as well. Good luck on your search for the perfect agenda!

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Travel Diaries // Amsterdam, Netherlands

Monday, August 10, 2015

With summer coming to an end (at least for us), we thought it would be perfect to recap some of our favorite places we traveled to and visited this summer. It was a summer full of many memorable moments and experiences. Sadly, all good things come to an end and it is now time to start school again. But before we start school, we decided to do a week full of blog posts highlighting our travels and adventures of the summer, because we don't want to forget about the summertime just yet!

First up, Amsterdam! This city is located in The Netherlands which is a country found in Europe. It is quite small but has a big population for its tiny size. Amsterdam is the capital city, and luckily, we got to experience the joyous hustle and bustle of the unique city. It is well know for its architecture and canals that run all through the city, among other things. We also enjoyed all the art and history of the city by going to the Van Gogh Museum (which houses some of his most famous paintings!) and the Anne Frank House. We have been inspired by Anne Frank's story and World War II in general since we were little kids, so it was a definite highlight of the trip.

These are a few pictures we took from Amsterdam. We feel as though the first three accurately capture the architectural style and scenery in Amsterdam. Each separate house is very thin in width and lined up alongside identically small houses on each side so as to prevent overcrowding in The Netherlands. Sometimes only one room can fit on each level of the house. Isn't that crazy? Walking along the streets you also see canals flowing with water and thousands of bikes lined up along them. 

Did you know? In The Netherlands, biking is the main form of transportation because most people don't have anywhere to put their cars. Again, this whole country is very populated for its small size so some measures must be taken. Bicycle lanes go up and down every street in the entire country. It really is great exercise to have to bike everywhere. 

The last picture is one we took from the Anne Frank House/Museum. This is one of Anne Frank's most famous, and in our opinion, most inspiring quotes she ever wrote in her diary. If you enjoy history or love Anne Frank, this museum is a must-see! You get to see the real "annex" where Anne and the rest of her family, along with a few other people, had to hideout in for over two years during World War II. Theirs is a sad but truly inspiring and brave story.

Overall, visiting Amsterdam was one of the greatest experiences of our summer. It is a well-known city that appears on many tourist's bucket lists, and we are sure glad we got to cross it off ours. We are most certainly planning to go back again, though. We won't forget you, Amsterdam!


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