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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello there everyone. Long time, no talk! We have been super busy lately which should in no way be an excuse for the lack of posts but really we wanted to apologize. We are back with a brand new post for you today however!  Today, we have decided to talk about how giving and receiving more YOU ARE compliments can have a long lasting positive impact!

You are. Those are two simple words. But if they are so simple, how come people have such a hard time saying them? Wouldn't you rather get the compliment "you are beautiful", rather than "you look beautiful"? We are not saying that the latter compliment isn't good or valid, what we are saying however is that YOU ARE puts so much more meaning into the phrase. Sure you can look beautiful, and that's great! But that focuses on our outer appearance instead of your inner beauty. What's on the inside is much more important that what you can see on the outside.

If somebody compliments you on your outfit one day and says you look really pretty, it might make your day feel more positive but time will pass and you'll probably forget that day. When someone compliments you on your character though, the compliment tends to resonate with you for much longer than just that one day. The truth is yes, people do focus on what they see on the outside sometimes more than they should and don't always evaluate character. 

You ARE beautiful and you possess amazing qualities that may get overlooked sometimes. Sometimes, people focus too much on the physical qualities that someone is born with and forget that it's what's inside and who the person is that truly counts! Each individual is born with the ability to choose what kind of character they want to have. You are who you make yourself, and though others may effect your decisions and things may happen to you that sway your character in one way or another, only you can truly decide who want to become.


There's a little inspiration for you all! Comment your thoughts on this below.



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