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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hey everyone! We hope you all had fun during the holidays! We have been very busy first completing finals, then going on winter break but getting ready for the Holidays. The holidays are always a chaotic time in our household because there is much to do. Between baking, getting ready for family coming over, buying last minute Christmas presents, and hosting a Christmas party, you can say things got pretty hectic and busy-but VERY exciting! We celebrate Christmas and have many traditions that come along with it. We decided it would be fun to share our traditions and what we do over the holiday season. 

Having Family Over
Usually, we have family come over for the holidays. Truthfully, with school and work keeping everyone busy, we rarely get the chance to see our family members. Even still, we spend Christmas with only our Aunt and Uncle since they are the only family members we have that live in America! It always makes for a fun time!

We did many fun things like go to Union Station & Crown Center and we even went to watch Star Wars!

Holiday Baking: 
With the holidays comes a long list of desserts and sweets that our family makes every year. In Bulgaria, which is where we are from, food is a big part of the holidays and there are several traditional foods-namely sweets-that must be made. These treats include 4 or more different types of cookies, Baklava, Cake, and more!

Christmas Eve 
In Bulgaria, Christmas Eve is traditionally celebrated with a big dinner. Everything on the table has to be vegan and a minimum of 8-9 foods have to be served on the table. Although we usually don't have a bite of every single item on the table (oops!) it is still great to be able to keep the traditional Christmas Eve dinner!

Before we sit down for dinner, we go to a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. It's so nice to be reminded every year of the reasons that we celebrate Christmas and it is always such an inspirational service. At the end of the service, the candlelight gets passed around and soon afterwards, the entire auditorium is filled with light!

Opening Presents
Christmas morning is quite the time to be alive! Like most people who celebrate Christmas, we open presents! However, our family decided a couple years back that we would put a spin on the traditional way of opening presents. We get to pick up our present, but then we set it down. After that, we get to ask up to 10 "yes or no" questions or we can guess. Some presents are guessed after the third question, but each year there are some real stumpers! This makes opening presents quite a process but also makes it so much fun!

Christmas Party
Every year we have a Christmas Party at our house. We usually invite family friends and have a great time dancing, singing, eating, and talking! Christmas is always a great time to get together with friends and family. 

We hope you all had fun during the holidays!


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  1. Lovely post! I am definitely a Christmas fanatic myself!



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