Thursday, December 29, 2016

We are back! We took a bit of a break from the blog to entertain family while they were in town. But today we have a new post! For those of you who watch YouTube, you've probably seen a million of these and bloggers are doing them too. We are not trying to brag at all, we are just sharing links in case you are interested in purchasing any of these items. We are so thankful for everything we received but we also really enjoyed giving gifts this year! That is what the season is all about - spending time with family & friend and giving to those who make an impact in your life!

four // Clinique Face Care (similar)

We also gave presents! 

From Kalina to Ivana - Gray Over the Knee Socks (similar), Black Chokers, and Earphones

From Ivana to Kalina - Remington Curling Wand and Choker Necklace

To Family Members - This wear we got Cocktail Recipe Books for the adults in our family and it was hilarious to see their reaction when they opened the gift!

We hope you had fun during the holidays! We did for sure (and ate wayyy too much food)! And if you celebrate Christmas, leave us a comment with your favorite gift you got/gave or family tradition!




Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We recently teamed up with Bonobos for their wear no doubts project to create some celebrity inspired fashion looks! Both of us have some major style icons, some of which include actresses, bloggers, and models. Some of our favorites are Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Hill, Sazan Hendrix (one of our favorite bloggers!), and Victoria Beckham.
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
I got my style inspiration from Victoria Beckham. She frequently rocks a casual business look and I love that! She takes a simple blouse and effortlessly pairs it with some jeans to create the perfect outfit! I paired this outfit with booties since they are a staple in my wardrobe! A big tip I have for people taking inspiration from celebrities is to see what pieces you already have in your wardrobe! You'd be surprised at how sometimes a simple clothing piece can be incorporated into various stylish looks! You can always look put together if you pair clothing items together strategically (:

Velvet Choker (in black) // Similar Winter Coat // Jeans
This outfit is inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sazan! She has a great sense of style and rocks every outfit she wears, no matter how bold. I constantly see her wearing chunky winter coats and chokers. These are two staples of mine during the wintertime as well, especially paired with a sweater underneath and finished off with booties. Even Sazan's simplest outfits look put together, which is something I take great inspiration from! Also a bonus, her outfits are not hard to recreate, even with everyday items in your closet!

We really enjoyed working with Bonobos to bring this post to you! Bonobos is a company specifically geared towards mens fashion. Ladies, still in need of the perfect holiday gift for your guy? You can check out Bonobos mens pants - their featured holiday item, as well as other mens fashion pieces!



Saturday, December 17, 2016

This suitcase is too cute! The color and flower design are both sure to make it stand out, which will make it easier to find at baggage claim! The rose gold handle is adorable too!

two // Nebula Headphones
Headphones are the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly traveling. Planes can be extremely noisy, so a good pair of noise blocking headphones can really make a flight that much more enjoyable!

three // Pure Silk Sleep Mask
Some people love using sleep masks, especially on planes. This one is so cute and since it's silk, it won't be irritating to the eyes!

four // Daniel Wellington Watch
We mentioned this watch in our previous gift guide for ladies but we had to mention it again! A watch is a must when traveling because it's important to be on time!

five // Karuna Face Mask
After a flight, your skin can feel really icky. That's why a face mask is important! It will rejuvinate the skin in no time!

six // Little Dictionary of Fashion
A book is always a must-have when flying. It is so easy to get bored, especially is your phone has to be on airplane mode.

seven // J. Crew Leather Zip Wallet
When traveling, it is so important to keep track of any cards, ID's, and passports. An organized wallet is the perfect solution for this and will be useful for many occasions, not just traveling!





Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas // Christina Aguilera
Baby, It's Cold Out Outside // Colin & Caroline
Santa Baby // Daniela Andrade
I'll Be Home For Christmas // Colin & Caroline
Something Stupid // Michael Buble ft. Reese Witherspoon
Underneath the Tree // Kelly Clarkson
Winter Dreams // Kelly Clarkson
White Christmas // Michael Buble & Shania Twain
All I Want For Christmas Is You // Mariah Carey
Jingle Bell Rock // Laura Pausini
Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande



Sunday, December 04, 2016

Wildfox Couture Addie Sweater // UGG Cable Knit Socks // t3 Curling Wand // Steve Madden Edit Booties // Daniel Wellington Watch // Kate Spade Sailor Knot Bracelet

one // Wildfox Couture Addie Sweater
This sweater is perfect for all of you ladies! I am obsessed with white and cream colored sweaters for the winter and this one is so unique!

two // UGG Cable Knit Socks
These socks are so cute to lounge around the house in with an oversized t-shirt or to wear with boots! The pom pom detailing is adorable!

three // t3 Curling Wand
This curling wand is the best! I love the color!

four // Steve Madden Edit Booties
These booties are so pretty! They are velvet (a trend I am crushing on) and are structured so well!

five // Daniel Wellington Watch
Daniel Wellington watches have been showing up everywhere and for a good reason! There are so many styles and the quality is amazing. There are many elegant styles for ladies!

six // Kate Spade Sailor Knot Bracelet
This bracelet is simple but can be paired with so many outfits! It's classic and elegant. Simplicity is key sometimes ❤

If you have any other good ideas for gifts, leave them down in the comments below!



Monday, November 28, 2016

So many amazing Cyber Monday deals are going on right now and some of them last after today! 

MACY'S: 20% and free shipping with $25 or more (ends Nov. 30)
LOFT: 50% off everything + free shipping! (Code: CYBERMONDAY)
J.Crew Factory: 60% off for Cyber Monday + free shipping
GAP: 50% off everything!
Sephora: Beauty deals through December 31!

*Also... Victoria's Secret has an amazing deal on bralettes ($10 each) until the 30th! We just picked some up today!



Sunday, November 27, 2016

IVANA Sweater: custom made // Purse: Rosetti
KALINA Teal Shirt // Cardigan // Purse: Italian leather
Thanksgiving has come and gone which means that we are officially in HOLIDAY SEASON. Seriously, we can't believe 2016 is almost over. We are so excited for the Holidays! We can't wait to go ice skating, spend time with family, and do holiday baking! 

1. Holiday movies
2. Decorating the Christmas tree
3. Giving gifts to people we love
4. Having family over
5. Ice Skating
6. Going to see a performance of The Nutcracker




Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers in America! Today is a great day to be thankful for everything that you have and those who surround you! This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the opportunity we get to blog and all of our amazing readers. We started this blog a little over a year ago, not really knowing what would come or if it would take off at all, but we are so proud of how far we've come. We work on the blog everyday, whether that be new content for you or evolving the look  and feel of our blog! We are so thankful to do what makes us so happy (:

This Thanksgiving we will be eating tons of food (but mainly Pumpkin Cheesecake!) and spending some quality time with family and friends! We hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

(for once you're done eating!)
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello everyone, Ivana here! I hope you are all having an amazing day so far! I just had a long day at school with test after test and decided it was the perfect time to sit down and write a little. Recently on Instagram, there was a "20 things you're thankful for" challenge that really got me thinking..what am I thankful for? I thought about it, and easily came up with a list of 20 things. There's so much to be thankful for, and with Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would share my (very random) compiled list! 
  1. My twin. Duh. Okay this one is obvious but it has to be my number one. All I can say is, a life without her just wouldn't be the same. I'm so thankful to have another half in my life whom I love with all my heart!! Shout out to my favorite!!!
  2. Meeting new people. This year, I have met so many new people, and no matter what role they play in my life (big or small) I am thankful for each and every one of them. Without realizing it, we learn so many things just by talking and sharing experiences with others. Fresh new perspectives and opinions are always welcome to me. 
  3. Old music. Honestly no one can tell me that hearing an old favorite song is not the best thing. It is. A favorite old tune can bring back so many memories. I just made a Spotify playlist with all my old favorite tunes and now THAT is something I am thankful for, especially to rock out to in the mornings.
  4. Baking. More like eating half the bowl of whipped cream, cookie dough, or brownie batter before the finished product, but, baking nonetheless. Especially Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake. Mmm!
  5. Heels. Booties. All of it! Any shoe that gives me a little more height is an instant favorite!
  6. Happy days. The days that I laugh so hard I cry, those are the days to live for.
  7. TV shows that actually peak my interest every episode. Currently I am keeping up with the show "Madame Secretary." I seriously cannot recommend this show enough!
  8. Starbucks seasonal drinks. Yes, I give those slightly over-priced but very delicious drinks some love every year! 
  9. Compassionate people. I have such a huge appreciation for kindness and anyone who is willing to help when needed, accept others, and exemplify the most positive, open, attitude towards people they meet. Those people make my day.
  10. Inspirational quotes. Whenever I have a bad day, I can always count on quotes that generate positivity to get me through the rest of the day. 
  11. Conversations that matter. Sure, small talk counts for something, but the genuinely interesting conversations that bring meaning into my life are what I am most thankful for.
  12. Cuddling up in a sea of fuzzy blankets. With the weather getting colder, there is nothing I love more. Add hot chocolate, coffee, or apple cider to that and a truly perfect combination is made!
  13. My friends. I could write a pages and pages about how thankful I am for my closest friends. Find people that are supportive and encouraging in everything you do, you'll be so grateful! I know I am! 
  14. A good book. I wish I had more time to read, but when I get the chance to do so, I am always thankful for the books I just cannot put down! What can I say, I'm a book nerd!
  15. Lazy weekends. Stress-free days where I can relax and take some time for myself are so valuable to me. They don't happen often, but I am definitely grateful when they do!
  16. Audrey Hepburn & old classic movies. Miss Hepburn is a huge idol of mine, as well as all the movies she acts in. I could live in a world of black and white with her!
  17. The beach. Hands down I am a beach girl. The ocean is my happy place. Tan lines, the salty breeze, warm weather, and waves crashing into the shore are all things that about equal perfection to me!
  18. My family. Yes, another cliche, standard answer, but one of the most important! I am so thankful to have a loving family around me! Even though only my immediate family is close to me, all the others scattered around the world, I can still feel everybody's love! I live for the smiles on my grandparents faces when I Skype them!
  19. Blogging. I remember deciding to start a blog a few years back. It used to be a different one, but I have been writing for a while now. Starting fresh, with this one, was one of the best decisions me and my sister made! We have been overjoyed to watch this blog grow and progress. I am thankful that, even in our busiest months, Kalina and I can find time to share new content with all our viewers! 
  20. You guys!!!!! Kalina and I cannot even BEGIN to express how grateful we are for every single person that takes the time to visit our page! It is unbelievably fulfilling to watch our numbers grow, and see where all our viewers are coming from. I love seeing viewers from all over the world! It is one of the most rewarding things to see! Thank you all so much for bringing smiles to our faces! 
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to express how thankful I am! For anyone who does not live in the United States, Thanksgiving is our national day of thanks here. No matter where you live, though, it is always important to remind yourself of what you are most thankful for! Making a list highlights that perfectly! Much love!

💭What are you thankful for?


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Sunday, November 20, 2016

 Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
This outfit is my go-to for the Fall. The colors compliment each other and the look is effortless. My shoes are an easy choice for everyday and this outfit looks somewhat put together if you are trying to look nice ;)

Jean Pierre White Sweater. Similar Here // Levi Jeans // Brown Leather Choker

This casual outfit is perfect for a casual Fall day. An easy way to elevate any simple sweater is to add accessories. This choker gives the outfit a bit of an edge but still keeps a simplistic vibe. Adding a choker is one of my favorite ways to instantly make my outfit look more put together!

Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com




Tuesday, November 15, 2016

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday season will be in full swing before we know it!  And ladies, that means we have to start thinking about what we will be wearing! Holiday dresses are super easy because they usually require minimal styling effort! I am especially crushing over velvet this year (shop velvet dress here) and I think it is absolutely perfect for the holidays!

All of the dresses I have linked are really great options for the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years Eve! All of these dresses are perfect for those of you traveling! I know the feeling of wanting to look presentable but also wanting to feel comfortable at the same time. Trust me, comfort is something you do not have to compromise in an effort to look nice... That's it for today! 

*Use the arrows to scroll through the dresses and click to shop!




Sunday, November 06, 2016


Just a week ago we got back from an amazing trip to D.C. We seriously fell in love with the city and everything it has to offer. The city is big and populated, yet it is well kept, clean, and very spacious. We walked around and went to museums. The Holocaust Museum was definitely our favorite but we went to many others like the Natural World History Museum, National American History Museum, and the National Air and Space Museum. We also went on a tour of Capital Hill and visited the National Cathedral.

We loved all of the houses in D.C. (major house love!) as well as just walking around the neighborhood. How cool would it be to have the Washington Monument basically in your front yard?!? We just loved the city life. We also have some restaurant recommendations for you, but we make a separate post on those as well.

We really appreciated all of the history in D.C. and can't wait to go back! The city is stunning!

Comment below if you have ever been to D.C.!



After a mini hiatus from the blog, we are back with a Georgetown Travel Diary. We left for Washington D.C. (travel diary from D.C. coming soon!) on Tuesday and just got back to Kansas this afternoon. One of the first places we visited was Georgetown and it only took a matter of seconds (literally) for us to fall in love with the town.
Georgetown is so charming and is full of shops and boutiques (explore here). Some notable shops that we loved in Georgetown were Alex and Ani and American Apparel. It is also filled with SO. MANY. BAKERIES. We sat down for coffee and dessert at Dean & Deluca which was so cute in the Georgetown setting!

We visited Georgetown a few times during our stay in D.C. because we loved it so much! We took a campus tour of Georgetown University (shout out to our two amazing tour guides!) and loved it there! The campus is stunning! Definitely schedule a visit if you ever find yourself in Georgetown!
We loved Georgetown's small town European feel and cannot wait to visit again! If you are in the D.C. area, we highly recommend visiting this town! Georgetown is about a little less than an hour walk from D.C. along the Potomac River and while that seems like a long trek, it is SO worth it!

Have a great Sunday night and stay tuned for our Washington D.C. and Old Town Alexandria travel diaries + D.C. restaurant recommendations!



HALLOWEEKEND (Our costumes + more)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hello lovelies! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Like many, we celebrated Halloween over the weekend and dressed up! I was a scarecrow and Ivana was an alien! We both put our costumes together last minute so these are super easy looks to recreate if you are stuck. 

For my scarecrow ensemble, I threw on a navy cami and a flannel shirt then paired that with medium washed jeans. Then of course I drew on the scarecrow nose and mouth with black eyeliner, added some blush to get the rosy cheeks, and finished the look off with a red lip color from Wycon Cosmetics in Italy (Similar here and here). The shade is GORGEOUS! 

Ivana went as an alien this year and looked super cute! She wore black leggings and a black tank with  white sneakers and a pearl necklace! She drew on sparkly white and purple dots on her face with eyeshadow and used those same two colors to create a statement lip color!

We really enjoyed celebrating Halloween! Tomorrow we'll be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters and packing for our trip to Washington D.C.! We are so excited for our trip! If you have any recommendations for us, leave us a comment down below! And while you're at it, tell us what you dressed up as for Halloween this year!



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