January Wrap Up

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Started School Again
January means the start to a whole new semester of school. The good news? We are halfway done with the school year! The bad news? We have another half a school year of stress, tests, tears, and loads of homework to get through. We do love learning and obviously view it as a necessity, but it can get very stressful and frustrating at times (especially when we both procrastinate our homework as much as possible and get no sleep). School keeps us very busy! 

Improved our Diets!
Our goal for January was to be healthier. Well now we can confidently say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We started drinking smoothies and eating other healthy breakfasts packed with nutrients every morning which we found was a great start to our day! Another one of our favorites for this month was a spinach salad with almonds, dried cranberries, and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. It's so delicious! But we definitely did not deprive ourselves from eating the things we wanted to (sorry, but Nutella will always be the key to our hearts). We will have some healthy snacks and recipes up here sometime soon!

Ice Skating 
Next year, I will hopefully be part of the Yearbook staff at my school. The Newspaper/Yearbook crew went ice skating at Crown Center Plaza on one very VERY cold Sunday night this month. I'm not kidding, the temperature was below freezing! Crazy right? Despite this, I had a wonderful time and made some amazing memories with great friends! -Ivana

Europe Concert
This was a night for the books! Our dad is really into European bands and we were really excited to get to do something special with him! We had a great time at the "Europe" concert in Lawrence, Kansas! Many of you may know the song "The Final Countdown" which is definitely the bands most famous song to date. The concert itself was interesting for us as we are not rockers but the experience proved to be a valuable and memorable one! It was our first rock concert and we may have lost half of our hearing afterwards, but it was one of our most enjoyable experiences yet!

Good Weather and Walks Around KC
Towards the end of this month Kansas has been showing some beautiful weather! Usually we have quite a cold winter here so this was a pleasant surprise. It encourage us to get out more, go on walks, and explore around town some more. One of our favorite places in Kansas City is the Plaza that is downtown. It is a great place for walking around! We just recently went there for a Chinese New Year event which was a great cultural experience! Then we just walked around and enjoyed the weather at the Plaza. 

Those were some of the most note-worthy things we did this month! We want to start doing monthly wrap-ups so that we have something to look back on at the end of this years so hopefully we will be doing them every month! We hope your January went well! Let us know if you want to see more of these posts!

Comment below what you did this month!


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Quick & Easy Homemade Gelato

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey everyone! So we know it's still winter, but we just recently found an amazing and super simple ice cream recipe online. We are going to Italy in March for spring break (and our birthday!!) so we got interested in trying out some gelato. Now, we have tried various gelato places in other countries we have visited in Europe and it has always tasted very good, but we know that it's the real deal in Italy. We can't wait! Unfortunately though, we do not live in Italy so a quick recipe like this will have to suffice for now. It is still quite delicious, even if it is not actual gelato!

What you'll need:

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup & a half of sour cream
  • Vanilla
  • Any other flavoring you want (we have tested out lemon and espresso so far and it has turned out quite well!)

And the best part? All you have to do is quickly whisk these ingredients together in a bowl and put the mixture in the freezer until it has solidified. You can also put in an ice cream machine if you have one and it should be done in about half an hour! Yes, it really is that simple and DELICIOUS! It has a very nice, smooth consistency with the right amount of sweetness and flavor! We hope you give this one a try!


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One Goal, Each Month, All Year // January - June

Monday, January 18, 2016

 You cannot walk a straight line without a fixed point to follow. Get a goal! For the year, for the month, for the week, for your future.:
We posted our New Years Resolutions for 2016 two weeks ago and today we wanted to write down our month to month resolutions. It is said that if you write a goal down, you are more likely to want to pursue and achieve it! Well, if that's true, then this year should be a good one for us in terms of achieving our goals (fingers crossed!). Here they are!

January: Be Healthier
Recently, we have both started eating a little bit healthier and it feels great! Now, by eating we mean that we have just made a few changes and swaps in our diets. Personally, we do not believe in limiting ourselves to eating only healthy foods because (lets be honest) sometimes we just HAVE to satisfy our cravings with things like pizza and desserts. But, with that being said, we are trying to eat more balanced meals with more fruits and vegetables, and less processed and unhealthy foods. We have definitely noticed that it makes us feel better to eat a little more nutritious. Fruit smoothies for breakfast are the best! We will round up some of our favorite smoothies!

February: Meet at least one new person each week.
Both of us love getting to know new people, especially people that we can have intelligent and diverse conversations with. We feel like we can learn so much from others and it's just so fun and refreshing to get to know someone new. Every person has a different story which is so exciting! We really want to try and get to know a few more people this year in general to expand our pool of friends and acquaintances! 

March: Have as much fun as possible and take risks!
March is going to be a very eventful month for us so we want to have enjoyable and memorable experiences. First off, we are going to visit Italy for spring break with our choir (definitely expect a post on that!) and friends. After, we are staying in Italy for a few more days with just our family and will also get to celebrate our Sweet Sixteen birthday there with them! When we get back, we will also be going to a Rachel Platten concert with friends which will be a blast! We want to make sure we get the most out of all of these experiences and have as much fun as we possibly can. The two of us also want to make sure we are open to trying new things during our trip especially since obviously going to Italy can be a life-changing experience!

April: Give more compliments to people (2-3 a day and not just physical)
We don't know about you guys, but we sure do like receiving compliments. Often, they are positive comments on appearance. These are the easiest to give out and receive because they don't require too much thought. Now, we aren't saying they're bad. On the other hand, they often leave us feeling empowered but we both want to start giving out more compliments-especially ones that focus less on appearance and more on overall conduct and personality. More genuine ones.  

May: Get over 6 hours of sleep EVERY night and stop procrastinating.
Okay guys, this is a big issue. The two of us can never seem to get enough sleep which is VERY unhealthy. Six hours or less is the usual amount of sleep for us, especially on a school night. And even though we are busy trying to finish homework, not getting enough sleep makes us feel groggy and miserable the next day. We usually get up at 6:00 am for school, so we want to try to be in bed before 12:00 and asleep by 12:00. Sounds reasonable right? 

June: Focus on positivity 
We are bloggers first and foremost to be honest about our lives and share things that can be helpful to all of you! So here is the truth: we love being positive and happy, but it doesn't happen all the time. We unconsciously focus on the negative sometimes because we are human. But it feels so much better to be positive! It lifts our spirits and essentially we can decide whether to focus on the negative or the positive! 

Do you have any goals for 2016?


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello everyone! Today we are sharing our travel bucket-list! We are so fortunate that we get the opportunity to travel so much but there are still so many places that we want to visit! Enjoy!






That's it for our Bucket-list, for now anyway! We love traveling and exploring so we hope to get the opportunity to visit these amazing places! We've visited so many different countries already and can't wait to travel some more!

What's on your Bucket list? Comment Below!


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New Years Resolutions 2016

Monday, January 04, 2016

Hello all! Wow this is our first blog post of 2016! Today we are sharing our New Years Resolutions with you all (maybe if we make them public we will actually make an effort to achieve them? Haha!). We hope you can find some inspiration while reading these! Cheers to the New Year! These are our resolutions for 2016, but we'd love to hear yours! Comment below (:
Grow our blog
We created this blog about half a year ago and enjoyed watching it grow, but there is still room for much improvement. These past few months we have gotten many page views, some from all around the world which is very exciting! We wanted to thank you all for stopping by to check out our blog. When we started this blog, we had a lot to learn and we think our blog has made a drastic improvement from what it was before because of the changes and renovations we have made to this site. However, we are still not completely satisfied so that is something we would like to change in this new year. Also, we have made a resolution to connect with you guys more through social media and such. 

Be more consistent
As many of you may have seen throughout these few months, posting consistently has been a big issue for us two. Whether its lack of motivation, too much stress, or just being too busy to even sit down and write, we definitely did not post as much as we would have liked to. That being said, blogging more often is one of our biggest goals for 2016. It will be a challenge, since school and just life in general can be very busy and stressful, but this is a goal that CAN be met with more hard work and dedication. Side note: if you have any ideas for blog posts that you would like to see go up this year, contact us (preferably through email: simplysemisweet@gmail.com) or comment! Getting new ideas is always helpful!  

Be more active
A big goal of ours is to be more active this year. Sometimes it's just so easy to not workout or just not move around, but exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. We are already trying to eat healthier (smoothies in the mornings are AMAZING. We will do a post on our favorite smoothie recipes soon!) but exercising is also crucial. To be honest, we've been sore for days after doing a 30 minute high intensity workout and another 30 minutes of abs and stretching. Yikes! Hopefully as we start exercising more, we will get accustomed and won't feel as sore!  

Get a job
We have been on a job search for quite some time now but we want to actually GET a job. We would love to work in either a clothing store/boutique or bakery! Having a job allows you to meet wonderful people and gives you a memorable experience to look back on one day. It also teaches you a lot about responsibility and time management (we could definitely be better about managing our time wisely!). 

Live in the present
Okay we get it. You've probably heard everybody say it. But it's so true! First of all, we are big future planners and that's great, but only to a certain extent. As high school students it's so easy to get caught up in future planning, especially for college. But trust us when we say that being completely immersed and overly excited about the future can be a big headache when you realize that the "future" your talking about hasn't come yet. 

Also, we want to truly focus on the people that surround us and making memories while we can! We want to be able to have fun now and have memories to look back on!

We hope you all had a great time celebrating the New Year! Also, we hope 2016 has been great for you so far. We can't wait to see what's in store for us this year! Make this year count guys!

Happy 2016


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