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Sunday, March 27, 2016

While we were away, we celebrated our sixteenth birthday (March 20th) and it was certainly a very memorable one! We were in Italy for 10 days and we were extremely excited to spend our birthday there and also get to see our grandparents that came down from Bulgaria! We made so many great memories in Italy as we traveled abroad with friends and family!

The gelato is really THAT good! After 10 days of gelato, coming home to regular ice cream was a bit difficult. Our favorite flavors were lemon, raspberry, coffee, and amaretto!

We had an amazing tour guide named Anna which we grew quite close with. We just loved her as a tour guide and soon enough, we became friends! We usually aren't super into guided tours but we have to say we had a great time!

We went to Rome, Florence, Siena, and Pisa during our vacation in Italy. The architecture in Italy is magical. It is so incredibly detailed and beautiful to look at! We made many jokes about the architecture in Italy being almost as beautiful as the boys there (haha!). Also FYI: The Leaning Tower of Pisa really does lean!

Italy was absolutely breathtaking! First, we spent a few days in Italy with our choir and then opted to spend an extra few days there with our family. While we were with our family, we stayed in the Sapienza University area in Rome. There were many different little pizza places and grocery stores in the area and what we enjoyed the most was riding the metro (arguably one of our favorite parts of any European vacation)  to get to the heart of Rome! We walked around the piazza's, vistited the Vatican City, and enjoyed the bustling streets! We ate gelato almost every single day in Italy as well as cannoli's (we even had a cannoli birthday cake!) so we walked around A LOT to burn off the calories! If you are going to Italy just know that there will be a lot of walking every single day and even though it can get tiring, it's so worth it to be assimilated into the Italian culture and every day lifestyle. 

Fashion is also major in Italy and there is no shortage of boutiques, high-end brands, and endless shopping opportunities! And while some designer brands can get very pricey, finding amazing items that are affordable isn't all to difficult if you know where to look! We bought coats and purses from Italy and are in love!

Food Recommendations:
  • Giolitti (located in Rome)- This place is constantly packed (and we mean PACKED!) with customers waiting to get their hands on some incredible gelato! It also offers baked goods, but everyone goes for the gelato!
  • Eataly (located in Rome)- This place is a charming option for lunch or dinner. It has many different small restaurants and places to eat within one big area and it also has things like pasta that can be bought there! It's like a mini mall for Italian food!
  • il Gianfornaio (located in Rome)- We ate here twice because we loved it so much! We had our birthday lunch here. Here you can find a bakery, pizza, and little pasta and gourmet dishes. What's unique about this place is that if you want pasta , you get a plate, you choose either one, two, or three of the dishes, and they section the plate into however many things you want to try. Both days we tried three gourmet dishes (the pesto cous cous, eggplant, and pasta was our favorite!)
That wraps up our Italy Travel Diary. It was quite lengthy, we know, but there was just so much to discuss! If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Italy, we highly recommend it! We love traveling around Europe in general but for a good reason! Italy impressed us so much! We would love to go back to visit Sicily, Naples, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast some day!

Roma & Firenze // Italia


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