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Friday, April 08, 2016


Who She Is: A North Carolina Fashion Blogger 

What We Love About Her Blog: Caitlin's style is just stunning! Her blog is gorgeous and her picture quality is out of this world! Caitlin always helps her readers stay on top of sales going on and she has this ability to make her blog an environment that readers want to come back to time and time again. We love Caitlin's blog and we know other fashion lovers will as well!


Blog: Sazan

Who She Is: A fashion blogger based in LA

What We Love About Her Blog: Sazan keeps readers captivated with every single post! She really brings her personality to her blog which really makes it great and super fun to read! Sazan also has a YouTube channel which allows her readers to follow along with her on her travels and life! We absolutely love Sazan, as she is a phenomenal blogger! 


Who She Is: A fashion, lifestyle, and inspirational blogger based in Connecticut. 

What We Love About Her Blog: Carly brings the city to her blog in a captivating way! Every blog post on her blog is so incredibly insightful and a joy to read. She brings an awesome perspective and blogs about a variety of things! We love the space Carly has created on the internet! Her adorable dog, Teddy, occasionally makes an appearance on the blog as well! She blogs about the city, her life, fashion, things that she loves, and so much more! Definitely a wonderful blog to check out!


Who She Is: A lifestyle, fashion, travel, and wellness blogger based in Connecticut

What We Love About Her Blog: Julia's blog is absolutely beautiful- from her posts to her blog design it's quite the masterpiece. Her blog brings a sense of serenity and is perfect to read at any time of the day. The variety of topics she blogs about always keeps us interested as we await to read her posts! Bravo Julia!


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