Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to apologize. We have been extremely inconsistent with blogging recently and I'm not here to make any excuses but in all honesty, sometimes life can be uninspiring. I have been struggling recently with many things that I don't really want to get into but I know that if anything keeps my spirits up, it's blogging! I am so passionate about having a voice and being a positive and inspiring person and for that reason, I really care about what goes on this blog and what content we decide to put out! Especially with summer coming up, you all can look forward to (crossing our fingers) many new posts and tons of exciting content. We (Ivana & I) hope to post a couple times a week at least during the summer! We are staying in America instead of traveling to Europe this summer and though we are sad that we won't be seeing some of our family, we are looking forward to getting a job, hanging out with friends, and relaxing! 

On that note, we would really appreciate ideas from all of you about what you all want to see on the blog! I value each and every readers' opinion about the blog and I think that you all can offer some great input on the blog! Until our next post, I hope you all have a great night!


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