How to Prepare for Finals

Friday, May 13, 2016

With school rolling to an end, finals are getting closer and closer. In fact, my finals are next week (which also means SUMMER afterwards) so I thought what better time to write some study tips to help me and all of you be efficient with studying/preparing for finals. 

Tidy up a work space 
Having the right environment will in turn provide a better mood for studying. My go-to study space is my desk because I can organize all my paper and supplies on it, neatly, but you may choose whatever space you like! However, I am not the cleanest person so I find my work space in a mess when I decide to sit down and study which ends up stressing me out even more. That said, the cleaner, more organized your work space is, the better chance you will have to actually sit down, study, and get your work done.

Get rid of ALL distractions
Okay this is a somewhat obvious yet totally challenging rule to follow (at least for me personally), but it is highly necessary for a greater level of success. Safe to say, studying is not my favorite and I get easily distracted from notifications from my phone or anything else just to save me from doing it. Things like phones, and yes, even Netflix are not conducive for studying so try to stay away from them for a little. Don't worry though, you can take a break a few times to check your phone!

Give yourself breaks
Lets admit it, we can all think of a million things that are more fun than sitting down and preparing for finals, so giving yourself breaks will save you from complete boredom. Keep in mind, your brain needs a little rest and rejuvenation after studying for so long. Get up and do a few stretches or even check your phone for a few minutes before getting back to studying. This will lessen the stress and help you re-focus.

Create a study playlist
If you like studying with music, then making a study playlist is definitely the thing to do! I would recommend staying away from music that makes you hyped up and ready to jam out, since it is does not allow you to focus on the more important thing which is (sadly) studying, but mellow and calming music can be a great option. 

Healthy snacks
I am an avid snacker which usually entails munching on something not so healthy. However, healthy snacks are the way to go here! Fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate are my favorites because they keep me energized and refreshed. Snacks like walnuts and dark chocolate are proven to give your brain a boost, so grab a handful/a few pieces if you have some! 

Good morning breakfast
Eating a healthy breakfast the morning of your finals will make such a tremendous difference, trust me! I love eating my signature oatmeal, green smoothies, or yogurt with chia seeds and fruit in the morning because they are all great breakfasts to start my day! They are also all easy to make and can be made the night before to just grab and eat the morning of. 

Calculate the grades you will need on all your finals
I do this the week before all my finals so I know how hard I need to study for each subject and what I should really focus on. My favorite place to go is RogerHub Final Grade Calculator which is online. It is just a quick easy way to calculate the grades you need to receive on your finals based on the grades you want. Doing this step before your finals will help you be more prepared going into finals week!

I hope some of these tips helped you or were at least a good reminder for how to prepare for your finals. I wish you all the best of luck!

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