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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We were in California for two weeks and our family decided to head to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend. This may sound surprising, but we have actually never been to a lake before. That is probably because we usually vacation to Europe for the summer but this summer we decided to stay in America and visit California! For our first lake experience, we have to say, we see why it is such a popular destination for summer trips! 

We stayed in a cabin which was so much fun and comfortable since it came equipped with WiFi, a grill, and many other amenities. The cabin was quite spacious which provided comfort for all six of us on the trip. We highly recommend getting a cabin if you are considering a trip to Lake Tahoe.

While we were at the lake, we certainly took advantage of the outdoors and we decided to go on a hike (a very fun, but somewhat scary experience as Ivana can attest to). The scenic views were absolutely beautiful from the mountain and Emerald Bay was sparkling from down below.




bikini top // bikini bottom

That is all for our Lake Tahoe experience! We hope you all have been having a great summer and comment below if you have any fun plans! Also, we will be writing more Travel Diaries from our trip to California so be on the lookout for those as well. Talk to you all very soon!

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