Sunday, November 06, 2016


Just a week ago we got back from an amazing trip to D.C. We seriously fell in love with the city and everything it has to offer. The city is big and populated, yet it is well kept, clean, and very spacious. We walked around and went to museums. The Holocaust Museum was definitely our favorite but we went to many others like the Natural World History Museum, National American History Museum, and the National Air and Space Museum. We also went on a tour of Capital Hill and visited the National Cathedral.

We loved all of the houses in D.C. (major house love!) as well as just walking around the neighborhood. How cool would it be to have the Washington Monument basically in your front yard?!? We just loved the city life. We also have some restaurant recommendations for you, but we make a separate post on those as well.

We really appreciated all of the history in D.C. and can't wait to go back! The city is stunning!

Comment below if you have ever been to D.C.!



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