Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Well, 2017 is almost at its end and yet another year of our lives has gone by. It's interesting because on one hand, the year dragged on but on the other hand, the year flew by. Funny how life works. 2017 was filled with so many memories and new experiences for us and today, we are sharing a few highlights from the year.

Mexico // March 2017
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com

Riviera Maya, Mexico - wanderlustvita.com

We have been to Mexico five times now and we absolutely love it! It is our go to vacation spot during the Spring. This year we stayed in the Grand Bahia Resort in Riviera Maya for the second time. Read our full Mexico Travel Diary here.

London // May 2017
In May of this year, we traveled to London, England. Looking back now, we miss this city so so much. We were extremely excited to visit London and had a full agenda for our week-long trip. Trust us when we say there honestly is no experience that can compare to visiting a European city. We got to see Buckingham and Kensington Palace, we walked around Hyde Park, rode the London Eye, ate some of the best Indian food, and made so many more memories around the city. Watch our London Travel here.

Bulgaria // May - June 2017
Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com
After our trip to London, we went back to our home country of Bulgaria. We didn't go back last year, so we were extremely excited to see our family again (it's not easy living so far away). We were born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria where most of our family currently resides. We spent a few weeks there before spending some quality time in one of Bulgaria's beach town's, Sozopol. There is something so magical about the bright blue waters in Bulgaria and the beach is the perfect place for a summer escape. Read our Sozopol Travel Diary here and watch our video.

Applying To College
Like we've mentioned in our previous couple of posts, we spent our first semester of our senior year in high school applying to colleges and figuring out where we will be attending next Fall. We finally made our decisions but not with complete ease. There are so many factors to think about when choosing a school so we were both pretty busy with figuring out all of the logistics.

Celebrating Good Times
The Holidays are always so much fun! We had a blast ringing in the New Year (so weird to write that as we are coming close to ringing in 2018!), we celebrated our 17th birthday in Mexico, celebrated a slew of other family birthdays and spent our second year in America for the 4th of July. Then we welcomed the beginning of the Holiday season. We spent Thanksgiving with family friends eating lots of good food and just celebrated Christmas, where we ate our weight in Christmas cookies. Since our family hails from Bulgaria, we have many holiday traditions including a special Christmas Eve dinner and a fun game we play where we guess our presents on Christmas morning. We would love to know your holiday traditions so leave us a comment below!

Other Notable Events
Over the summer, we got an invitation to become brand ambassadors for a Los Angeles based jewelry brand called Ettika. Naturally we were extremely excited and can't wait to continue working with them in 2018. We get so many opportunities but we only ever accept offers to work with brands we truly love. We also got the opportunity to work with many other amazing brands throughout the year and look forward to doing so in 2018 as well! 

Aside from all that, we were so excited to get invited to New York Fashion Week this year! Unfortunately, we couldn't attend but even the thought was more than we ever imagined for ourselves at age 17. We do hope to one day attend NYFW as well as other Fashion Week's around the world!

Last but not least, we began our YouTube channel this year, which we hope to create more content for in 2018. So far, it has been an amazing platform for us to share our travels through video but we hope to expand into a Fashion / Lifestyle / Travel channel, just like our blog!

Thank you all for your continuous support. We can't thank you enough. We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and we look forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for us!


Ivana & Kalina


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hey everyone! Many of you left positive feedback on our last life update post so we thought we'd share some more info with you all! For those of you who don't know, we are both headed to college next year. Today, we're sharing what colleges we will be attending and our future plans!

We Are Headed To... - wanderlustvita.com

I will be attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) next year and I could not be more excited! I will be majoring in Public Relations and probably minoring in Communications, although I wish Graphic Design was a minor. I hope to get a job in the PR field after graduation but would love to be a Creative Director one day. I plan on being an involved college student, going to football games to cheer on the Huskers, and going through sorority recruitment. During my sophomore or junior year, I plan on studying abroad in Australia and maybe even one day interning there (a girl can dream haha). I still plan on traveling as much as possible and contuining to pursue my passion for content creation. I can't wait to meet new people next year and see all Lincoln has to offer!

I will be attending the University of Kansas and plan on majoring in Business with a minor in Strategic Communications. I'm also planning on going through sorority recruitment and hopefully becoming a part of greek life! I am excited to be cheering on the Jayhawks, especially during basketball season. I don't know where life will take me yet, but I know I want to continue traveling, pursuing my passion for fashion, and doing other things.

Before we sign off, we want to mention that since we will be going our separate ways, some things may change on the blog. Not drastically by any means, but we will be posting separately most of the time. We hope that you as our readers will enjoy two perspectives on college life in different cities as well as exciting fashion and travel content as well. We felt like we needed to write this post also to explain why we haven't been super active lately. The truth is, we are both trying to figure out our lives for next year, taking numerous college classes in and out of school, and finishing things up before packing up our lives next year. We just finished our Fall semester and anticipate that we will not only have more blog content up now, but video content on our YouTube channel as well. We created our YouTube channel to share our travels as well as lifestyle content but more than anything else to showcase our personalities. We've had several people reach out wanting a more behind-the-scenes look on our lives and we definitely want to connect with our readers and others on a new platform as well.


Instagram // @kalinapop & @_ivanapopova

YouTube // Ivana & Kalina

Pinterest // @kalinapop

Twitter // @WanderlustVita


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gift Guide For The Homebody - wanderlustvita.com
We're halfway to the weekend, everyone and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We are so excited to share our first gift guide of the year. Everyone has that one friend or family member that couldn't think of a better night than one spent relaxing at home. Well, this is the gift guide for them!

Berkshire VelvetLoft Frosted Blanket // These blankets are seriously so cozy! We have a couple of similar ones and love them. So perfect for cold winter nights!

Voluspa Candle // Candles make such great holiday gifts, especially for people who love staying home! Voluspa makes candles that are more luxurious than typical candles and make great gifts. When it starts getting colder, we are guaranteed  to be burning a candle at all times and there's nothing better than a wonderful aroma in a home!

Floral Kimono Robe // A great robe is truly an essential for the homebody. Kimono robes are so beautiful and easy to throw on! The floral print on this robe is so feminine and the perfect way to lounge in style!

Hot Stuff Mug // Okay how cute is this mug?! We have been obsessed with mugs that have little sayings or phrases on them and they are a perfect gift idea for someone who loves being cozied up with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. You can even put a hot cocoa mix kit in the cup before wrapping it up!

Pure Silk Sleep Mask // Beauty sleep is important even if you are not going out. Silk sleep masks are the best because they are so soothing for the eyes and this color is gorgeous!

Agate Phone Case // Let's be honest - it's so easy to be on your phone all day everyday - sometimes we wonder where the day went haha. This gift is perfect for the homebody and people with a busy lifestyle alike because if you're using your phone 24/7, you might as well use it in style, right?

Rosé All Day Slippers // These slippers are seriously the cutest! A cozy pair of slippers is essential for the cold winter months. Slippers with cute phrases make the perfect holiday gift because they can be personalized to fit any person!

Faux Fur Throw Pillow // Decorative throw pillows add the perfect touch to couches and beds. It's so fun to decorate around the house and be able to switch out throw pillows to match the season or a new aesthetic for the home! This teal throw pillow adds a great pop of color as well!

That's it for this gift guide! What gift guides do you want to see next? Leave us a comment below or send us an email with your ideas! Also - if you aren't subscribed to our YouTube channel already, be sure to do that now because we are planning some exciting videos as well as holiday content over on there! Till next time...




Monday, November 13, 2017

It's no secret that we love to travel. Flying is such a great way to experience the world! We've been all over Europe, traveled to Canada, Mexico, and the UK, and hope to travel to Australia, Bali, Thailand, and so many other countries in our future. Through years of experience, we know what makes an airline a top competitor in our book. With the U.S. dollar being strong at the moment, there is no time like the present to travel. Here are the best airlines in the world!

The World's Best Airlines - wanderlustvita.com

Dubai's Emirates has quickly become one of the world's premier airlines. Emirates boasts a state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system and has won Skytrax's award for Best In-Flight Entertainment 13 years in a row.

As Europe's largest airline, Lufthansa is known for its outstanding service. This German airline has won many awards, including Best Airline in Europe. They have an impressive business class, offering lie-flat seats and fine dining options.

As one of Taiwan's international airlines, EVA Air consistently holds top rankings. EVA Air is said to have pioneered the "premium economy" cabin and operates many Airbuses as well as Boeing planes. They offer amazing services and even have a Hello Kitty experience now!

Singapore Airlines
This airline boasts amazing flight attendants and impeccable service to create an enjoyable flying experience. Singapore received awards for Best Business Class Airline Seat, Best Premium Economy Catering, and Best Airline in Asia. Singapore Airlines are based at Changi International Airport, one of the greatest in the world.

Virgin Australia
As the biggest airline of Virgin, this airline boasts special features such as interior mood lighting and touchscreen entertainment systems. Virgin Australia recently won awards for Best Airline Staff in Australia/Pacific and Best Airline in Australia/Pacific.

Air New Zealand
Aiming to put customer experience and satisfaction first, Air New Zealand ranks high in customer happiness. Through their app, they send easy-to-read on boarding messages, flight updates, personalized messages for destination weather forecasts and events.

Turkish Airlines
Offering high quality service and products, Turkish Airlines have won many awards. They had won the Skytrax award for Best Airline in the World six years in a row before giving up the title to Lufthansa this year. They are also part of Star Alliance.

Qatar Airways
Gaining the number one spot for 2017 Business Insider rankings, this middle eastern airline has taken home many awards. Qatar is consistently receives positive reviews about the seat comfort, economy class, and in-flight entertainment. This airline offers flights to over 150 destinations across the world.

All Nippon Airways
As the largest international carrier in Japan, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is highly praised for safety, service, and cleanliness. Onboard, privacy is ensured with many of its plane offering "slide-foward-style" reclining seats.

Thai Airways
Known for their first and business class services, Thai Airways has a friendly crew and appetizing in-flight dining. However, they are known for their high quality Economy seats as well. They recently won awards for World's Best Economy Class, World's Best Economy Class Onboard Catering, and World's Best Airline Spa Facilities.

Japan Airlines (JAL)
As the second largest airline in Japan behind All Nippon Airways. They offer great fare deals and are praised for their onboard comfort. 

Air France
Intercontinental flights can be long and tiring, but Air France offers great onboard services to ensure customer satisfaction. They recently added "La-Premiere" first-class suites and are keeping their name big.

Swiss International Airlines
Now a member of the Lufthansa corporate family, Swiss International has been praised for its friendly service, wide assortment of beverages, and of course the complimentary Swiss chocolate.

Austrian Airlines
Austrian offers a great in-flight experience and recently won Best Staff Service in Europe. Austrian is consistently given high marks for effective services and their vast array of dining options and entertainment services.

Etihad Airways
Based in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways is well known for its luxurious first-class and business-class suites. Etihad Airways recently received many awards for their first-class services for the second year in a row.

This Australian airline has received praise for its in-flight entertainment and amazing customer service. In 2017, the airline received awards for World's Best Premium Economy Class and Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seat. Qantas also has a fatality-free safety record!


Sunday, November 05, 2017

Fall Playlist 2017 - wanderlustvita.com

Happy November everyone! We have been two busy bees coming up with content which will be on the blog very soon. Today, we are bringing you our Fall Playlist for 2017 and we are currently obsessed with all of the songs that made the cut!


Our Story // Mako

Be Okay // Oh Honey

Roses // The Chainsmokers

Dreams // Fleetwood Mac

Body Gold // Oh Wander

Sugar // Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates

Cool Kids/Riptide // Less Is More & The Queen & King

Overtime // Cash Cash

Take Me Home // Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha

Lovin' So Hard // Becky G

Mine // Phoebe Ryan 

Surrender // Cash Cash

Rock Bottom // Hailee Steinfeld

Toothbrush // DNCE

Both Of Us // B.o.B ft Taylor Swift

Runaway (U & I) // Galantis



Saturday, October 14, 2017

It's around this time each year that our wardrobes get confused. Do we wear cozy sweaters and boots, or do we still wear tank tops and sundresses? One day we are hit with a chilly breeze and the next we are welcoming sunny skies and 80 degree weather. The only way we know how to combat this confusion is by wearing transitional pieces. Here are the Fall booties you need in your closet right now.

Fall Booties You Need In Your Closet - wanderlust vita.com

one // two // three
four // five // six

What is everyone up to this weekend? We're going to the Kansas City Fashion Week finale tonight (we went last year and loved the designers!) and have been enjoying some lovely weather Kansas City has been throwing our way (:



UPDATE: Life, Applying to College, and More...

Thursday, October 05, 2017

UPDATE: Life, Applying to College, and More... - wanderlustvita.com

First and foremost, we want to share the exciting news (which you all know by now if you're reading this haha) - Wanderlust Vita is a website! We have been planning on making our blog a website for quite some time now, but since we recently changed our blog name, we wanted to make sure we really loved it. We were silent on the blog throughout most of September but don't worry - we are back and will have tons of content coming soon! 

September was a jam-packed month for us in every way imaginable and October is not much different so far. School is in full swing, we are constantly out and about, and we are currently in the process of applying to colleges. We will keep you updated on our process and where we will be attending in Fall 2018 but what we will say for now is we don't know if we will be going to college together. That being said, only time will tell and we aren't too focused on that at the moment. 

Moving on to happier topics, we have been coming up with content ideas for our YouTube channel (subscribe here if you want 😉) and would love input from you as to what you want to see. You can email us (info@wanderlustvita.com) or DM us on Instagram with ideas. We have a few video travel diaries up right now but our YouTube channel, like our blog, will be lifestyle, fashion, and travel oriented!

That's it for today but be on the lookout for new posts coming to wanderlustvita.com in the upcoming days.

Have a great night lovelies 💕


Monday, September 25, 2017

After spending a few weeks in Italy in 2015, we were left in complete awe of the country. Dare we say it is one of the best destinations we've traveled to thus far? We recently received a message from one of our readers who is traveling to Europe for the first time (!!!) and is spending a few days in Rome. Her question: "What do I absolutely have to do while there?". So today, we decided to highlight the things you just have to do if you find yourself in Rome.
















Thursday, September 07, 2017

Kalina Popova - wanderlustvita.com

When it comes to wearing my hair up, I usually toss it up in a messy ponytail and call it good. I don't wash my hair everyday (it's bad for your hair!) so I wear it up quite often. Lately, I've been trying to do more with my hair because frankly, I'm bored with it and I've been wanting to switch it up! Here's one way to jazz up a ponytail that requires minimal effort...

I had my hair in loose waves the day before with a braid so I just tied my hair in a high pony. I added texture to the front with a small poof and pulled out a few wisps of wavy hair in the front (I have tons of baby hairs but wavy side bangs would look cute too!). Since my hair was already in waves, this hairstyle was super quick and easy but either way, it should not take too long. The messier, the better (:


Monday, August 21, 2017

The Biggest Trends for Fall 2017 - wanderlustvita.com
We have to admit that we were quite shocked to learn that pink is going to be HUGE this Fall - honestly, we would have put pink in any season but Fall. We're not mad about it though since the color is beautiful and light. This color is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe since it pairs well with many other colors (especially gray and white!). We think accent pink pieces will be the way to go!
Let the labels do the talking. Ever since this trend came out - we've been 100% on board! Now, we definitely aren't the type of people that will buy a brand just because everyone else has it but logo tees are perfect for casual style and give off a cute, laid back vibe!
Bell-Sleeve Sweaters look so feminine and elegant but at the same time sport an added detail that makes them stand out! Since the sleeves are the statement, the rest of the look can be kept simple with a classic pair of jeans and simple flats.
We hope you enjoyed this post! What Fall trend are you looking forward to? Leave us a comment - we'd love to know!

WHAT ABOUT NOW? | A 21st Century Analysis on Modern Society

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hello everyone! Ivana here. Kalina and I have decided to start a new series on our blog where we reflect on our personal thoughts as well as events in society. We are still mainly sticking fashion and lifestyle posts, but decided to throw in a few more personal posts into the mix, as we love this type of writing as well! These posts will be a bit more informal and free-flowing, coming from our late night thoughts and ramblings. Tonight, I decided to start this series off by literally just writing some after-midnight musings as I am sitting on my bed, laptop in hand, pondering life (as we all tend to do at this hour).
Today, as I was reflecting on modern society and our generation as a whole, I came to realize an unfortunate truth. Quite ironically, as I am indeed currently staring at my computer screen typing this, I realized with the ever-growing mass influx of technology presented at our fingertips daily, we no longer value genuine personal connections or living in the moment. This is what is often missing in today's culture and society. With endless forms of communication, social media, snapchat streaks, and more, the generation of today cannot get out of this blurring between reality and what is being shown through technology. The countless hours spent obsessing over likes, followers, comments, who responded to your snapchats, messages, or dms, and so much more can all attest for this escalating problem. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I am in every way a follower of this. Especially being a blogger, I try extremely hard to grow my social media platforms. It comes with the job. Do not get me wrong, forms of social media have their benefits, but also come with a multitude of disadvantages. The pressure to make your life look perfect, to make yourself look perfect, with a constant smile and certain happiness, is absolutely overwhelming at times. The truth is, moments are not always picture perfect. Nonetheless, it is important to live in the moment. Live through the good and bad times, without always having this need to advertise what you're doing, or show off how much "fun" you're having. The fun comes from being present and enjoying time spent with friends, with family, and alone. Sometimes, we all need to step back, away from our life behind the screen, and actually LIVE and ENJOY it for ourselves. We are always so quick to jump at the opportunity to share everything with the rest of the world that we often forget to savor the beautiful and raw that no picture can ever truly portray. With social media and technology comes the over-analizing of anything and everything. Why does this person have more followers or likes than me? Why did they not respond to my snapchat or text? Why do they seem so much happier than me? 

Here's the thing: first off, social media is all about posting what you know other people will like. You pick the hottest picture, the one you look the skinniest in, or the one with all your best friends you want to show because "look at how much fun we're all having and how many friends I have!!" The people who know how to mold their profiles to what others like to see are the ones with the followers and likes. But you know what? Post whatever the hell you want without a single ounce of regret and stop caring if it gets less likes, or gains you less followers. It's not a bad thing to post something you really like and want to share, because again, social media can be an excellent way to be creative, share ideas, or save a moment even in a picture. Do it for yourself. I personally have a goal for myself to start posting more pictures that I want to look back on as memories, but also occasionally put my phone down around my friends and just be in the moment and fully engaged, without the picture evidence to prove it to everyone else. Now onto the second answer. When it comes to snapchat, text, dm, or anything else, the worst thing to do is overanalyze who talks to you or how/what they respond or if they even respond. You don't know what's going on with those people at that very moment in time or whether they're just busy or don't feel like sending you a snapchat everyday because they have to, to save a streak. Some of these forms of communication are pointless because the communication is not even there. I personally much prefer a real conversation over any of these forms of communication because they are just the easy way out. Yes, it is fun to talk to new people and have new conversations over text/other platforms, or to even just send a few snapchats to someone new, but if there is no face to face interaction how can you really get to know someone? Instead, pick up the phone or get together with some friends and have real, meaningful conversations, in real life. With real communication. Live and learn from the people you're surrounded by and truly appreciate them and the value they bring to your life. Those connections are the true ones. Finally, the overhanging truth, even if no one will admit it, is that for the most part social media can get a bit fake or showcase only the good parts of life. Only the ones you want people to see. Real life is not that picture. In the real world, you may have been in a bad mood forcing a smile, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, dying of laughter with your best friends and being weird, awkward and having a blast. No one will ever know because that posed picture gives no insight to the moment except how good you are at flashing those pearly whites and posing before the flash. You may be in an amazing place in your life, or you may be secretly falling apart and no one will ever know. It is as if we pressed the edit button on our lives and quickly deleted all the bad. The downside to social media is the notions we all put in our heads that everyone lives their most perfect lives, and we are the only ones who experience imperfection and rough patches. It is nice to open social media and see everyone experiencing life so positively, but there are simply hidden truths behind it all that everyone must remember. After all, we are all human.
It's indisputable, this generation does not have it easy. Everything is at our fingertips. We grew up with pur phones in our hands, always checking up on others and the way they live their life, spending more time investing in theirs than ours. So, I encourage everyone (including myself) to go live one day for themselves. Drop the phone, get some of your favorite people together (or go at it alone, whatever is right for you) and go ENJOY your time in the present. Have more meaningful conversations, explore more beautiful places and actually see them, and live. Smile for yourself, enjoy for yourself, live for yourself, and remember: nothing and no one is perfect, and there is beauty in that. 
Carpe diem, loves.

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