Monday, May 08, 2017

Where Have We Been? | Life Update - wanderlustvita.com

Honestly, it seems like we have not blogged in forever! We honestly really enjoy putting up content on our blog and are so lucky to have such a creative hobby and job! That's why we feel like we should explain our hiatus... after all, if we enjoy it so much, why is it so hard to stay consistent? Well honestly, we don't have a good answer to that question other than the fact that we are super busy and when we aren't we are usually catching up on sleep (haha). We are so happy to be wrapping up the school year soon and are looking forward to the summer!

So as for what you can expect on this blog soon... For one, we will be letting you all tag along with us on our trips to London and Bulgaria this year! Travel Diaries are one of our favorite posts and we hope to even start filming them as well. We will also have fashion and lifestyle posts coming up too. Plus, so many of you have been asking us to talk more about what it's like to be a twin so we are thinking of writing about that a bit (: Being twins is such a huge aspect of our lives (obviously) but living the twin life is a mystery to many people that aren't twins.

Anyways, that's it for today! We hope you all have a great night and will be back with more content soon (:

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