Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When this picture is #nofilter 😍
Long time no talk, huh? In our last post we mentioned that we have more coming for our blog. What we didn't mention (because we didn't really know this at the the time) was that we would be REBRANDING! We have decided to rebrand to not only fit our content better, but our lives as well. We changed the blog name to Wanderlust Vita - coming from the fact that we are always dreaming of our next destination both literally and metaphorically. Our newly fashioned blog will primarily be a travelfashion, and lifestyle destination featuring advice/inspiration posts as well. We also have a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL where we will be posting content about travel (in the form of Travel Diaries), fashion, lifestyle, twin life, and our ramblings 😂 (SUBSCRIBE HERE!). Please feel free to comment with blog post ideas, video requests, and questions or email us at simplysemisweet@gmail.com.

xoxo, ivana & kalina

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