Monday, August 21, 2017

The Biggest Trends for Fall 2017 -
We have to admit that we were quite shocked to learn that pink is going to be HUGE this Fall - honestly, we would have put pink in any season but Fall. We're not mad about it though since the color is beautiful and light. This color is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe since it pairs well with many other colors (especially gray and white!). We think accent pink pieces will be the way to go!
Let the labels do the talking. Ever since this trend came out - we've been 100% on board! Now, we definitely aren't the type of people that will buy a brand just because everyone else has it but logo tees are perfect for casual style and give off a cute, laid back vibe!
Bell-Sleeve Sweaters look so feminine and elegant but at the same time sport an added detail that makes them stand out! Since the sleeves are the statement, the rest of the look can be kept simple with a classic pair of jeans and simple flats.
We hope you enjoyed this post! What Fall trend are you looking forward to? Leave us a comment - we'd love to know!

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