Thursday, September 07, 2017

Kalina Popova -

When it comes to wearing my hair up, I usually toss it up in a messy ponytail and call it good. I don't wash my hair everyday (it's bad for your hair!) so I wear it up quite often. Lately, I've been trying to do more with my hair because frankly, I'm bored with it and I've been wanting to switch it up! Here's one way to jazz up a ponytail that requires minimal effort...

I had my hair in loose waves the day before with a braid so I just tied my hair in a high pony. I added texture to the front with a small poof and pulled out a few wisps of wavy hair in the front (I have tons of baby hairs but wavy side bangs would look cute too!). Since my hair was already in waves, this hairstyle was super quick and easy but either way, it should not take too long. The messier, the better (:


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