UPDATE: Life, Applying to College, and More...

Thursday, October 05, 2017

UPDATE: Life, Applying to College, and More... - wanderlustvita.com

First and foremost, we want to share the exciting news (which you all know by now if you're reading this haha) - Wanderlust Vita is a website! We have been planning on making our blog a website for quite some time now, but since we recently changed our blog name, we wanted to make sure we really loved it. We were silent on the blog throughout most of September but don't worry - we are back and will have tons of content coming soon! 

September was a jam-packed month for us in every way imaginable and October is not much different so far. School is in full swing, we are constantly out and about, and we are currently in the process of applying to colleges. We will keep you updated on our process and where we will be attending in Fall 2018 but what we will say for now is we don't know if we will be going to college together. That being said, only time will tell and we aren't too focused on that at the moment. 

Moving on to happier topics, we have been coming up with content ideas for our YouTube channel (subscribe here if you want 😉) and would love input from you as to what you want to see. You can email us (info@wanderlustvita.com) or DM us on Instagram with ideas. We have a few video travel diaries up right now but our YouTube channel, like our blog, will be lifestyle, fashion, and travel oriented!

That's it for today but be on the lookout for new posts coming to wanderlustvita.com in the upcoming days.

Have a great night lovelies 💕


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