Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hello everyone! We have been quite busy these last few months trying to finish up our last semester of high school and did not have the time to create as much content as we would have liked. We've had to dedicate quite a bit of time trying to finish up some high school and college classes we are taking and getting ready for graduation, but we are back now and ready to update you! These last few months have been a whirlwind, but have been full of some incredible moments we thought we would share.


First up: Prom. A night to remember. Senior Prom was on April 28th and was nothing short of an amazing experience. I wore a white dress, with pearls on the top, from Lulu's and I loved it! My prom group took pictures at the Nelson Atkins Museum downtown, which is a popular picture spot for those in Kansas City! We then drove around in a party bus to dinner at Brio- an Italian restaurant, the prom dance, and our afterparty. Our party theme was "Jungle," so I had to pull out the cheetah print for this one! And a special thank you to my boyfriend for being the best date! -Ivana

Lulu's Blair White Strapless dress is linked here


The end of Senior year is famously known as "Grad Party Season" and for good reason. We have been busy every day of the past few few weekends hopping from one graduation party to the next. They're a fun way to celebrate surviving high school, with lots of good food and friends. Though we are not having one, we are enjoying attending one's all of our friends are hosting! Since everyone always dresses up for these parties, we will be posting some grad party looks on the blog very soon!

Kalina Popova -

and finally...GRADUATION!!! This deserves its own post, so watch out for that one next!

Thank you to everyone for reading about our lives, though we may not be the most consistent! We have some very exciting blog posts coming up this summer with all our free time (including our travels which we are super excited to share!) so stay tuned. 


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