Sunday, July 08, 2018

Hello everyone! Summer is just about halfway over and temperatures are at an all time high. We LOVE getting a good tan on, so we spend quite a bit of quality time by the pool. Unfortunately though, too much sun exposure can make our skin very dry. We have been taking full advantage of pool days, and we also went to the beach twice this summer, and although we have been blessed with an olive skin tone that never burns, we did start peeling a little after our vacations, which is never pleasant. To keep our skin healthy and moisturized, we have tried endless amount of moisturizers and creams but what we often find is that some of the moisturizers are too heavy and make our skin feel too greasy. We finally found the cutest little set that is perfect for giving our skin the moisture it needs and keep us smelling good all summer, even in this crazy heat, so we felt we had to share with you guys! This Clinique Happy Treats set includes a body cream, hand cream, and a perfume spray. All the products in this trio have a refreshing and light scent which is exactly what we need for summer!  We have the individual products linked below, so feel free to check them out if you are looking for a way to keep your skin soft and smelling good this summer! 


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  1. Clinique is one of my favorite brands! I will definitely have to check out this set


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