Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hello, Ivana here again! College time is here, and moving into my dorm and decorating was the first step to getting started. I am rooming with my best friend this year, which is the biggest blessing. We wanted to make our dorm comfy and cozy, while still keeping a clean look. Thankfully, we have similar tastes and agreed on a color palette of grays, blacks, lots of white, and a soft ashy pink. Our dorm is actually really nice, because we have our own bathroom (no communal bathrooms for us!!) and enough space to walk around. We were even able to fit a futon in between our beds so we can watch tv and hang out. We are also equipped with a black mini fridge and a microwave. I have to say, I am loving our dorm! It feels homey and comfortable! I wanted to share these pictures for anyone who needs some dorm decorating ideas (sorry about the picture quality, the lighting is not the best today). I am mostly showing my side of the room and our shared space, so as not to invade my roommate's space, however, I will be doing a complete dorm tour video sometime soon as well, we are just still working on some finishing touches in the room! We both lofted our beds to make room for our desks and dressers underneath and I think the setup of our dorm is perfect! On my side I hung up my DIY mood board, a "hello gorgeous" canvas, as well as lots of pictures of my friends, quotes, and my favorite places I've traveled. I also hung up fairy lights and set up my google home so we can jam in the room (I already feel like I have to apologize to the people in the room next to us hahah). I also have a little food and drink corner. Kalina and I will also be doing a dorm essentials blog where we will link the perfect items to put in your dorm (and at affordable prices!), so look out for that real soon! Though we are both now at separate colleges, we will still be doing a lot of things together, as well as visiting each other as often as possible!



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