Monday, December 31, 2018

What a year! At the start of 2018, we were starting our last semester of senior year of high school and looking forward to graduation. We had just ended our internship and were doing tons of work with brands we love! At the time, we were both in four classes at school and spent the rest of our days working on college classes - thank GOODNESS we got college Biology out of the way!

Over the summer, we traveled around Europe. Visiting Spain was an absolute dream as we strolled around Barcelona, Costa Brava, and many other Spanish towns. Afterwards we flew to our home country, Bulgaria, to visit family, friends, our favorite cities, and of course, the Black Sea! When we came back from Europe, we had a lot to get done before leaving for college. Kalina got her wisdom teeth out (and somehow recovered without taking most of the recommended pain killers 😬) and we spent a lot of time with friends before we all left.

And then came college... We were sad to be leaving each other but also excited. Obviously, our college experiences to date are very different but we FaceTime almost everyday to catch up. We both have amazing friends at our respective schools that we are so lucky to have met. But while our college experiences are different, we have found some similarities. We both stayed in the Midwest for college and often struggle with why we chose to do so. 2019 will be a telling year but with that said, we are both so grateful for the friendships and experiences we've had thus far. Though it was a tough semester for both of us, it was still a lot of fun! From moving in (with the best roomies and floormates ever!) to tailgating and gamedays, to date parties, to all the amazing friends we made, it was a semester full of memories.

We had an amazing holiday season with family and friends and hope you all did too! Here are some photos that highlight what we have been up to this year...

2018 was definitely a year to remember and we can't wait to take on 2019! We hope the year holds amazing things for you all! Thanks for sticking with us this year and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Hey all, happy holidays! No matter what holidays you celebrate, we hope they were all filled with love, family, friends, and of course lots of good food! We spent Christmas this year in our home in Kansas City with the family and also our uncles' family, and had so much fun! Christmas is about so much more than presents for us, it is about getting to spend time with family we don't see often and celebrating with certain annual traditions, and the gifts are just an added bonus. However, we are grateful for all the presents we received this year (and every year) and wanted to share them here on the blog. We love watching and reading about what people got for Christmas because it gives us ideas for gifts and also introduces us to some cool new things out there. We both received some similar gifts, and also a few different ones. So that being said, here is what we got for Christmas this year!


We've linked everything if you guys would like to check anything out! We love all our gifts and we are so excited to try everything out! We hope everyone had happy holidays and we wish you all a happy new year! 


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