Saturday, June 08, 2019


Greetings from Riviera Maya, Mexico! This is my 6th time in Mexico and I swear it never gets old! I have been enjoying spending time with my family in pure relaxation mode! It was so nice to have a vacation after an extremely stressful freshman year of college which I will get into in a separate blog post.

Now more about this look! Although I practically lived in swimsuits during the day as Ivana and I soaked up the Mexican sun by the beach and pool, the nights called for some fancier looks. This mustard yellow dress was perfect since the material makes it airy and breathable (even the nights here are humid!) and I have been absolutely loving anything mustard yellow this season! Unfortunately, I can't link the shoes since they are not available anymore but this dress pairs perfectly with just about any nude heel!

That's it for today but we have our Mexico travel diary coming very soon! Bye for now lovelies!



Friday, June 07, 2019

So here's the thing: college is painted out to be "the best four years of your life" and if that isn't the case then you must be doing something wrong. I know I believed it before I came to college and I'm sure many others do too. Before you come to college, you look at social media to get "a feel for the school" (your new home away from home) but there is a lot you don't see. No one is going to post photos of themselves crying at midnight because they are stressed over an essay or a situation they wish they hadn't gotten themselves into. No one is going to admit that their life is not always picture perfect.

Let me set this up for you: senior year high school me visited only a few schools before deciding that the school I currently attend would be the one I call home for the next 3-4 years. Senior year high school me found that the school felt homey and felt welcoming. Senior year high school me knew nothing more about the school than the location, the mascot, what the campus looked like, and what I could potentially achieve as a Public Relations major at the school. Wow, senior year high school me was truly clueless about what college would look like. Before coming to college, you'll think you know it all but here's a secret: you don't.

When I came to college, I immediately started the motions as I would call them. I arrived on campus early to go through sorority recruitment, circled the campus getting from point A to B, and convinced myself that my classes were great. I am extremely passionate about my major and I thought that meant I had to love my classes.

At first, I was confident in the decision I made coming to the school I chose. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise. About three months into college when the new glow of the campus wore off I started to struggle with my decision to attend my school.  Maybe I wasn't where I was meant to be. But through my hardships, I began to realize it's okay to not always be okay. I started to focus on the blessings I had in my college town: my best friends, the opportunity to graduate early and to live out my biggest dream ever which is to visit Australia (Ivana and I will hopefully be studying abroad there this spring semester of our sophomore year of college!).

If you take away just one thing from this post, I hope it's that life isn't perfect. Everyone experiences ups and downs but after all, college is meant to be fun so enjoy it. You only get to do it once, so make the most of it wherever you decide to go! It will be stressful and hard but you'll also make so many memories. I am forever grateful for my freshman year of college, my amazing roommates, the neighbors across the hall who became some of my best friends, always having someone to go to the dining hall with, staying up to study or to hang out with people because who and for sleep anyway??, and for all the little moments that end up being the best memories.


Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Okay ladies, we all know the struggle. Time has come to find the PERFECT dress for an event (whether it be a formal, prom, wedding, work event, etc.) and you have no idea where to start. Speaking from personal experience, I have scoured the internet for hours and HOURS looking for a dress that catches my eye. I am very picky when it comes to dress shopping, so I need lots of options. Sometimes, the countless websites I look at aren't even enough and it can get frustrating. That being said, I have spent so much time looking at various different sites and online boutiques that I have gathered quite the list. If you are like me and need a list of good websites to find unique dresses, keep reading!

*this list has been comprised of many MANY hours of online shopping for high school dances, as well as formals in college.

A *very real* LIFE UPDATE

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hello hello! Kalina here today :) I feel like it's been a while since I have sat down to write a blog post so I'm very excited to hopefully be getting back into the swing of things!

Today, I thought I would share a little life update! To be completely honest, I've been hesitant to do so because there are so many things going on in my life that very few people know about and making that public is scary. BUT with that said, blogging has always been a great outlet for me and hopefully some of you can relate to what I'm going through.

First off, this past year or so my family has been dealing with a really rough family situation. It's never easy to go through tough times like this but it is especially hard when you live across the world from your family. Both Ivana and I are full time college students so we can't be with our family at this time and it has taken an emotional toll on us. We know there's nothing we can do, especially from here, so we are trying our best to cope but it's definitely not easy. With all that said, Ivana is planning to visit soon so it is comforting to know that I will at least have her here in Lincoln with me for a few days!

And that brings me to my next point. As most of you know, I am currently a freshman at the University of Nebraska and have previously shared some of my highs and lows of college. I had a pretty rough first semester and 100% thought I would transfer but I decided to give the school another chance. I came into second semester with a new attitude and promised myself I would focus on the positive rather than the negative. And that's exactly what I did. I already had amazing friends I met early on in my freshman year and have been so fortunate to meet tons of new friends this semester as well (shoutout to the BEST Knoll 430 groupies, ily 💕). I can without a doubt say that I have had some very memorable experiences that I will never forget. But at the end of the day, I just can't see myself here for 2 more years and I think that's completely okay to admit. I think there is a certain pressure to love your school and for the longest time, I thought I was the problem because I wasn't trying hard enough to enjoy where I was at. But I realized I shouldn't have to force myself to do that. There is SO much that I love about my college experience and my school that I don't take for granted, but at the end of the day, I'm simply not where I'm supposed to be.  When I was making my college decision, I had never experienced college so I didn't know exactly what I was looking for but I can now make a more informed decision.

So, I finally started my transfer applications. I will definitely keep you all updated on my transfer journey and process but I won't say much for now since I have no clue what next year looks like for me and whether I'll be staying where I'm at or moving on. I can tell you that I definitely did not envision ever going through the stress of the college application process again and that it is almost more stressful this time around because I know that even if I do leave Nebraska, there is no guarantee I will have made the correct decision. But I'm trying to stay calm about the situation and enjoy the rest of the year with my friends here! It's crazy that I only have 2 months left of school. It's been a brutal winter here in the Midwest so I can't wait for the weather to warm up again! 

To end this update on a positive note, if there's one thing I hope you walk away from this post with it's this: never be afraid to pursue your own happiness, even if your path is not the same as other people's.


We don't know about you, but during the winter our skin gets extremely dry which can be super frustrating. As if battling the freezing below zero temperatures isn't already bad enough, we have to deal with dry skin. Recently, we've been trying out different skincare products to keep our skin more hydrated during the cold months. Skincare is key to revive dull winter skin, so keep reading for our must haves this season!


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Hello all, Ivana here! I just started my second semester of college and it is safe to say it will be a busy one! Right before the semester started I went on a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with some of my girl friends and had the best time before reverting back to study mode for the next few months. I already want to go back! We stayed in a ski-in, ski-out cabin, and though I don't know how to ski (someone teach me please), the view was absolutely gorgeous! Breckenridge is the cutest town! Main Street is full of colorful houses which are all the little restaurants and shops which I absolutely loved! Since I unfortunately do not know how to ski (again, someone teach me), I had an abundance of time to explore the town with some friends who also did not ski. I still had so much fun though checking out all the cute shops and shopping around, trying the local food places, and going on gondola rides which I highly recommend! My favorite little food place was a bakery we visited for breakfast called "La Francaise." It had amazing coffee, crepes, and baked goods! It also snowed while we were there which made the town look even more gorgeous. It was the literal definition of a winter wonderland. If you want to see more from my trip, feel free to check out my travel video I put together down below!



Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello all! We are both settling into the new year, and we hope everyone is having a great start to 2019! With the new year comes a reflection period for both of us. Yes, we know that sounds cheesy and cliché, but it is important to take a step back from daily life every once in a while and to work on bettering yourself by evaluation. This year we decided to set New Years resolutions for ourselves, but not in the usual "I'm going to workout everyday this year" way. Those types of resolutions, though good for motivation, are simply unrealistic. This year we are both working on broader and more simple adjustments that will help us lead a better lifestyle. For one, we have both decided to try having a more positive outlook and attitude. Last year came with a big helping of change for both of us, and some was unexpectedly not the greatest. However, we are both going to try and look at the glass "half full" as they say, instead of "half empty." Overall, we are looking to lead a positive and more balanced life in 2019, which will happen by keeping our physical bodies, as well as our minds healthy. For some inspiration we have been finding passages and quotes that speak to us because it is always good to have inspirational daily reminders. We hope you all join us in being healthier, more positive, optimistic, and open to change this year, happy new year everyone 

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